Building for a friend. For this price, you could certainly get some slightly better hardware, but these parts were chosen for a reason. For one, a continual Red/Black theme was kept so that it would look good under light. This is also why a case with a full side window was chosen. The 970 was gotten second-hand, for this budget, a 980 would've been possible if you really wanted to skimp on other parts, or an r9 390x would be a slightly better choice, but for $290, a 970 just has the best value. The idea for this build was to allow for overclocking and upgradability. In the future, you could choose to add an extra gtx 970 and just throw it in and have no problems. That's also why the power supply seams like total overkill. The motherboard was definitely nice for the price. Lots of neat features and it looks really sleek too. Overall a pretty basic build.

Part Reviews


Has some pretty good features for the price. USB 3.1 is great, it has 2 USB 3.0 front panel connectors which is great. Only comes with 2 sata cables though. For a higher end board like this, that's a bit disappointing, it's not like it would really cost MSI to throw in another one or two. The 2 digit(/character) display that shows post codes, then once booted, CPU temps WOULD be great if they were red, but they are green which totally throws the whole red and black aesthetic of this board off. Speaking of which, the black coating over this board looks great, and the board doesn't look cluttered, it just looks like a clean, black mobo. The I/O shield is a great black and red, and having all the I/O be black and red is a nice touch as well. Overall decent board with decent features.


Can't complain TOO much for the price. The outside materials are suprisingly nice, although the inside steel is a bit flimsy, nothing unexpected though. The real big points come off because the internal HD Audio connector is not long enough to reach if your HD audio connector on your motherboard is on the left (which a decent few are). Points also deducted because they only included enough screws for the PSU + 3 PCIe slots. If you wanted to use more than 3 PCIe slots, you'll have to get some other screws. Lastly points are taken off for no proper 2.5" drive mounting, although this isn't a huge problem since you can basically tape down an SSD anywhere, it still seems like a pretty big oversight to not include any sort of proper mounds for 2.5" drives. Cable management was decent with a fair amount of tie down points. No rubber grommets, but I wouldn't expect them at this price. The screw-less/tool-less design for HDD as well as 5.25" and 3.5" bays works well enough. Overall not bad, especially for the full side window at this price.

Case Fan

Decent fan, but the cable is pretty short.


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