After a number of years I decided to finally build a new home gaming PC (Have been using a laptop for about 6 years instead), while i am very familiar with NVIDIA and Intel components my use of AMD components was near to 0. So, of course, I decided to do the most logical thing, and build a full Team-Red PC!

After researching for a couple of months I found my ideal composition, and started building. I decided to use the latest available components (even waiting for an SSD & GPU that were not yet available). The entire build was centered around my recently purchased MSI 1440p 144hz Freesync monitor, so I knew that I wanted to build a computer which would be capable of easily rendering games at that resolution. This also defined the color specifications, as most of my equipment is Black with a red outline or red LED lights.

I decided to go for the new RX 5700 XT GPU as the reviews were good, and the performance was in line with what I wanted to reach. I doubted between using this card or a 2070 SUPER, however the performance gain was minimal for the nearly 25% raise in price (also, I dont believe RayTracing is good enough yet, so I would never use the tech, rather buy a cheaper card now and upgrade in 3 years to a new and improved card)

So far, the PC has been performing really well, and I am definitely glad with this setup.

I heard some people complaint about issues with the Gigabyte RX 5700 XT OC, However most of those seem to be traceable to undervoltaging or non-compatible parts. The only issues I ran into are: 1. The Displayport on the GPU only worked after installing windows, before I needed to use the HDMI port. 2. GPU Acceleration on Google Chrome can BSOD the system, this seems to be a current issue with all RX 5700 Cards.

My performance (approximately) at the highest settings: Heroes of the Storm: 144fps Apex Legends: 100 - 122 fps Sea of Thieves: 100 fps Gears 5: 80-90 fps

All of these framerates are perfectly fine for me, as they are on the highest settings, and my freesync monitors helps with the framerate. I never had an instance were games were not running smoothly.

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  • 5 months ago
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Where did you buy the gpu?

  • 3 months ago
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Hello! Does this memory run 3200 MHz with your motherboard?