hey everyone (sorry for the quality of the pics phone is absolute rubbish) been abit over 3 weeks since i got my new gaming rig but just wanted to point out since this was my first build i wasnt looking into getting a oc mobo or cpu hence the reason for buying unclocked parts.. seeming as im from australia our prices are very high for computer parts so this was a mid range price for myself gave myself a 1100 budget which wouldve been a gtx 960 build with a i5 4460 but i ended up going up to 1500 lol and getting a gtx 970 with a i5 4590

cpu: i5 4590 so far so good was going to get an i5 4460 but thought id just go i lil better i dont multi task as much but it handles everything smoothly

mobo: gigabyte h97m hd3 i was originally gonna go for the d3h version for the 2 extra ram slots but thought meh ill just buy a 2x8gb ram kit down the track if i need to

video card: Galax Gtx 970 EXOC Black Edition absolutely love it, ive bought myself a fair few games and it runs 60fps 1080p at the games ive thrown at it shadows of mordor and witcher 3 are glorious on pc

memory: hyper fury 2x4gb black it was black so i got it haha

ssd: SP v60 was looking at the kingstons but ended up finding a 240gb the same price as a 120gb ssd i was looking at so yeah i have my os on it and a few other applications and its all good

hdd: wd caviar blue just a standard storage for my games.. since i have a laptop i can just add another hdd when i need one

psu: antec 700p probs overkill but never know if i upgrade my mobo & cpu down the track

case: cm n200 i love everything about this case so slick on my deck

monitor: benq rl2450h had it for a few years i was a console player so itll do for now

keyboard: razer blackwidow tournament 2013 edition first mechanical keyboard. iloveit

mouse: razer deathadder 2013 no problems so far

into the future looking to add a 144hz monitor and upgrade to the chroms versions of my mouse & keyboard when they break haha and upgrade my mobo & cpu when im willing to spend the cash

thank you

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  • 54 months ago
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Why didnt you use the PSU that came with the case?

  • 54 months ago
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i dont know if its because i live in australia but the case doesnt come with he psu over here or it was just the place i bought it from that didnt have it

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  • 54 months ago
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hahaha my bad