I decided to build myself a new gaming rig when I looked to my Intel HD Graphics 2000 pre-built family machine and realised that, if I wanted to really play, I had to change my vehicle. The aim was to get a non-overclocking gaming rig that lasted me a long time (parts where I live are quite expensive). After two and half months of dense research, I came to this machine which I present you now.

CPU: Since I'm not overclocking, I had to get something newer and more powerful by factory, and the i5 4670 seemed just perfect. Clock speed is just fine, the stock fan is very silent (comparing to other stock fans) and has a great cooling under light circumstances (heavy ones were not tested yet).

Motherboard: My two criteria for the choice of the mobo were: at least four DIMM slots and SLI capability, for future upgrading. I found out that four memory slots is something easy to find, while SLI capability only exists in very expensive boards. So I chose one of the simplest B85 boards I could find and this one fitted me very well.

Memory: Not much to say. Corsair is one of the best memory manufacturers and their Vengeance series is exceptional. I didn't get dual-channel because it was missing at the store, but my memory is pretty fast even with only one stick.

Hard Drive: Well, I still haven't noticed the difference between Seagate and Western Digital. I own a WD, so I bought a different one to equal the number :D

GPU: My budget only covered a GTX 760, but I was kinda feeling bad about getting a card that wouldn't last very long without SLI, so I loosened up a bit my budget and got a GTX 770. Loved that card and Zotac is a very good brand for an average price.

Case: I usually call those gaming cases "transformers". I wanted a "transformer" case, but didn't have the space for a full-tower one. Solution: HAF 912. Very nice looking and outstanding cable management. Just feel sorry I didn't get the Plus version, which has a frontal LED :(

Monitor: Very cheap one, with a considerable size (my old one has 17"), low response time and great image. +1 on it.

Keyboard: I like Microsoft keyboards, this one has a pretty silent typing and is very cheap.

Mouse: Just got the cheapest I could until I get a gaming one. It's not bad at all, however.

Power Supply: It had a big promotion in the store, and Zalman PSUs tend to be reliable. EggXpert tiered list says it is a very good unit, but it's only got 80+ certificate (not Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum). Looked fine, hope it's good.


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I understand a cheap board but you could have put out a bit more and went with a LARGER board...

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Ok, I understand your point, but here's the thing: the only feature I would use in those larger boards is SLI support, but the boards that offer this are only the Z87 ones, which were kinda over my budget. So, if I was going to get a simpler board, I had to get the simpler good one I could, and the B85M-G is just fine. Thanks anyway :)

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i second polishxion but i have that case and i suggest you take out the whole hard drive bay for a little more airflow