My first ever build and decided to go HAMster! I mostly game but also do some video editing and photo editing when assisting for various projects.

I actually built this system back in February but only decided to upload my completed build. In actual fact, my younger brother built his first and i helped him in putting it together but was jealous of how powerful it was compared to my "gaming" laptop. I fooled myself in believing any laptop (unless Alienware I guess) was anywhere close to a REAL GAMING BUILD.

I went in so many forums and checked out so many recommendations to see what is a good bang for buck. I went with a full red and black theme, which kinda made me settle on the NZXT Noctis 450 Mid Tower with red under glow - perfect for the theme! It was like Godsend! I've kept consistent with the black and read theme on the parts too and even the RGB lighting on the liquid cooler, mouse and keyboard have been set to red. I bought the LED cables last month to fully complete my theme.

All the other parts, are components that were powerful and highly recommended for my budget; and of course were compatible with my MSI gaming 5 motherboard. One part which I had a slight problem was the PSU, I was gunning for the EVGA 850W Gold Certified but was out of stock in Amazon. I really liked the ECO mode on the PSU but wanted to get all my products together and didn't want to wait/order from another supplier so I went for the 650W version. In actual fact this was the better choice since my setup does not go past 400W and with upgrades, such as SLI, would not surpass 500W making it perfect since does not waste massive amounts of power and is future proof too.

For those that have stuck around and have read till now, this build has fulfilled everything I've needed to do - mainly gaming - and is running strong. I want to do a couple more upgrades; maybe get a bigger SSD solely for my games and photo&video editing software, get an extra 1 or two more monitors (one running 144hz) and with that buy an extra graphics card for SLI or buy the MONSTER GTX 1080 when my budget allows me too T . T...

Thanks guys, if you have any tips or recommendations for upgrades or etc, please leave a comment below!

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