Naturally, my Alienware gaming laptop died and I needed a replacement gaming PC. After much research in looking through other PC builds, here is what I came up with based on the money I was willing to spend. Overall I really like it and have had no problems. The only critical decisions I went back and forth on was (1) do I really need the i7 processor or is an i5 good enough for me right now and (2) should I do dual SLI 970s or just stick with one 980. After much debate I decided I would stick with the i5 and a single 980 video card. I read a lot of posts that discussed the price and performance of the i5 compared to the i7. I also read several posts that spoke to issues with SLI builds and the need to have games that are optimized to take advantage of the SLI cards. I did spend a bit more on the PSU and have more power then i need, but i really wanted a fully modular PSU.

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  • 51 months ago
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Small pics but nice build. No comments until now