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My first windows machine

by Neonbeta



CPU Clock Rate


GPU Core Clock Rate


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As the title says, this is my first windows based machine.

I've been a long time mac user, so when my iMac **** itself and died I thought it might be a good time to invest some money into a good gaming/general use PC. I aim to use the PC for primarily gaming and internet use, with some video recording and graphical work/rendering when i need to.

I built the PC over the course of the past month and the process was mostly stress free. I had a little problem with windows installing on an SSD and so far I've been unable to put both SSD's into RAID 0, but i'm still trying (any help is appreciated). I plan to get a 2TB WD Red HDD when i get the money, but after i ordered the SSD's i was a little strapped for cash, but i'm definitely going to change the cpu cooler when i get a chance. But everything else was a great experience, the phantom case i got is so nice, I love the black interior and (i don't think i could have continued if the case was plain steel on the inside since I think it looks horrible) the inside of the case had so much room for cable management it was a dream.

The only thing i added that wasn't on the list was my keyboard and mouse (razer blackwidow and naga molten) and network card. The network card, unfortunately hasn't come yet and since I don't have a wired internet i can't use my PC until it comes.

But all in all I really enjoyed the experience of building the PC, and this site was a REALLY big help, thanks _^

P.S, sorry for the sideways pics, take with my phone -.- .

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whiteeey 1 point 59 months ago

A lot of places where money could have been saved:|

MSI GTX 670 is around £299 and better than the Asus, the NZXT phantom full tower isn't actually the best, I would of picked the HAF 922, everything else is cool:)

Neonbeta submitter 1 Build 1 point 59 months ago

Well, what's done is done. I wouldn't necessarily say the MSI version would've been better, because personally i'm not going to overclock so I just wanted that extra clock speed. And yeah probably not, now that i see that, i would've rather spent the extra money for a Xilence Interceptor Pro instead, but I still love the case nonetheless. Thanks for the critique :D