I felt the number of upgrades performed warranted a new completed build. This machine is still using the i5-4670k and Gryphon Z87 first purchased in 2013. A few upgrades were performed in 2014 (RAM, GPU) and 2015 (SSD), but a major upgrade was done in the winter of 2016.

The case, power supply, CPU cooler, Ensouced cables, wifi adapter, lights, and mouse all were changed out, resulting in a radically different machine.

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  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

worst cable management i have ever seen sorry bro

  • 43 months ago
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Well, I don't have a basement for it yet, and its an In Win 805 - so you're gonna see some cables somewhere. Plus I didn't buy custom sleeved cables to not see them, ya know? Don't get me wrong, If I was using cheap, poorly sleeved stock cables like the ones in your build I'd wanna hide them all too! But I'm not, so I don't feel bad about them being so visible. Plus the build is called "Hydrozoa". Do you know what jellyfish look like?

  • 42 months ago
  • 2 points

You can still show off your cables, but just route them well and it will look very nice.

Good build though.

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

I looks nice but is it possible to rout the cables else where?