Update Just picked up an Evga 980ti SC+ ACX 2.0+ W/BP for $300! Only a few months old! - New Pics incoming whenever I get time

I do anything and everything with my computer, Play games, Record, Render, Compress, etc, so I went with a I7 vs an I5.

I started out with a FX6300 (OC to 4.5Ghz) which served me very well for a few years, But sold the parts and saved a bit to get a 4790K.

Some of the parts I already had from my old computer from a few years ago which I am re-using because they still work just fine.

Geekbench 3.3.2 32-bit @4.6Ghz

  • Single-Core Score4381
  • Multi-Core Score16986

850 Evo M.2 SSD In 2nd M.2 Slot - CrystalDiskMark 5.0.2 x64 Score

  • 1 Pass 4GiB - Read - Write
  • Seq Q32T1 - 549.8 - 500.8
  • 4k Q32T1 - 397.1 - 312.4
  • Seq - 494.1 - 479.2
  • 4k - 38.94 - 144.4

G.Skill Ripjaw X 2x8GB OC @2400 1.55V


  • CL11
  • tRCD13
  • tRP13
  • tRAS31


  • CLN/A
  • tRCDN/A
  • tRPN/A
  • tRASN/A

Not much to say about the rest of the parts.

Case - Awesome - Silent - Good Airflow - Tinted

CPU - $$$$ (I think I got a Decent one?!) - Currently Clocked @ 4.6Ghz 1.239v Avg temp <60C and max of 77C Running just 4.0Ghz @ 1.045V never gets to 60C -Room temp normally 76F but sometimes in the 80's because someone turns off the A/C... >.<

CPU Cooler - Fairly easy to Install - Great Temps - Bluelol

Motherboard - Good Price - Works - Turns on fast - Bios is a little confusing with Voltages, but otherwise very easy - Solid so far - Almost never have to use the power button thanks to Wake on Lan

Power Supply = Juice - Reliable - 74 watts Idle (As low as 50 or below when screen turns off) - around 460 watts max load - Far Cry 3 350 watts Ultra - [1 - 3 watts standby or shut off]

SSD - No point in raiding, this is more than you'll ever need. (Unless you edit 4k) or just get a 950Pro From powered off to windows in about 17 seconds

Hard Drives - Holds me :)

Ram - 16GB of Dedotated Wam - Waaaaaaaaaaam2402

Video Card = Amazing so far, Paid $300 for my 280x, and now I paid $300 for a few months old 980ti.

Part Reviews


Great Single/Multi core speed, an I5 is more than enough for gaming, but this adds some extra Lama-power for when you need to do those things that you do with your computer.

Only complaint is questionable thermals. (seems to spike 30C if pushed really hard for only a second or two)


Solid Motherboard, lots of options, Great dual bios, very hard to find any cons right now.


I have them running @ 2400 - 1.55v and so far they are very stable. May buy another set very soon. :)

Video Card

Just picked this guy up for $300, only a few months old, still had the plastic on it, the guy had a few 980ti's and didn't hardly use his computer so I guess he was selling some things, but he said he wanted to upgrade his computer... XD


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I might get moar ram soon even though I don't really need it... Maybe... Just maybe...

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Fantastic build, glad to see those custom cables! +1

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Thanks! :)

Really appreciate it.

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Cool looking CPU cooler

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Thanks! It was either this one or the CRYORIG R1 Ultimate, I really liked the look of that one, but it was a little pricy at the time.

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Nice. You seem to have extensive benchmark results and that's more than most people are willing to do. +1 from me.

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Yeah, I tried to get as much info as I could since I would look at other builds (to get an idea of how temps should look with certain CPU coolers or something) and they would have very little info on how their parts are performing.

Benchmarks are nice, but I prefer to have temps and voltages and if possible, ambient room temperates too. (Speaking of room temps, I forget to add mine I think)

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How do you utilize WOL?

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I have an app (called "Wake On Lan") on my phone that lets me wake it from sleep or completely off. (As long as it doesn't get unplugged it works while off)

And I put a widget on my home screen and I press that wherever I want it on. :)

I also have an IR remote app/widget so I just turn on my TV and receiver with that.

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That could be really handy. Do you have to be on your internal network for the application to work? I use chrome remote desktop a lot and having WOL remotely would be very useful sometimes.

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Yes, but I think you could do some port forwarding magic to get it to work when not at home or on the same network. However I have not tried that yet.

Edit Just tested it with Port Forwarding and it worked, I used my mobile data, which isn't on the same network and it turned on the computer just fine