built this for my son. First time I have ever fully built a PC. I have done lots of hardware swaps and upgrades, but never a build from ground up.

Plagued by BSOD due to my RAM stick closest to CPU butting up against the stock CPU cooler. Bought aftermarker CPU cooler that has fan perpendicular to CPU which made more room. Still BSOD. removed RAM from slot closest to CPU. seems like I maybe damaged the one 8GB RAM stick that was actually touching the CPU cooler, so, am now running with only one 8GB RAM, even though purchased a 2X8GB setup.

Would love to get a full ATX mobo and rebuild, but money is tight and family's patience is worn out with my tech tinkering. For now, he just runs with it and tolerates a one ever day or so system crash.

Fun to build, but disappointed in the lack of smooth results, I am sure due to my own error somewhere.

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