Fast update to this system that has been continually upgraded since 2017 - I took the plunge and got a 4K monitor, since prices were coming down. But I kept the old 1200p monitor, and found out that mixing DPIs on Linux with X11 is... interesting. I ended up using some xrandr commands to get everything looking good, but after that, it's more than presentable. I hear Wayland will improve things.

Memory is overclocked to 2800 MT/s.

Moving from Ubuntu to Manjaro

I chose Ubuntu originally because I figured it would give me the best shot of running the RX 5700 XT on Linux without hassle. I was very wrong - getting everything to work nicely became painful, very quickly. So I moved back to Manjaro and set myself up on the unstable branch, in order to get the latest kernel and drivers. Cutting-edge software is where I really belong, after all. It's made a world of difference - everything Just Works now, and the stuff that wasn't running on Ubuntu (like Sekiro) does work here. Lesson learned, I definitely recommend picking one of the more up-to-date distros for new hardware.

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  • 4 months ago
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how are the 5700 XT drivers on Manjaro?

  • 4 months ago
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Great, but only on the unstable branch atm. I used Manjaro Architect to set up my installation, since it allowed me to more easily point to unstable during installation.

For Linux in general, you need kernel >= 5.3, Mesa >= 19.2, and LLVM >= 9 for Navi to perform at its best.