I was running an i5-4690K with a 1070 before and noticed more and more that I was struggling to push pixels to my 32:9 monitor fast enough. I've been wanting to build a custom hardline build for at least 5 years so I took the opportunity to spend a little more and build something unique.

I'm not entirely set on color choices yet. It'll probably be mostly desaturated colors and just a little animation.

Part Reviews


Great case to work with for water cooling as it's very spacious. The front panel looks great, especially when you have LED/RGB fans mounted behind it. Front IO doesn't leave anything to be desired. Even comes with a pre-installed PWM controller that I didn't end up using, but great that it's included.

Just a couple things to be aware of though: - The top panel is a plastic frame surrounded by an aluminium mesh. It can bend pretty easily and on mine it's difficult to make it lock into all three retaining bits at the same time, so it's raised up a bit on one of the corners - The thin aluminium plate (or rather the black paint) between the HDD mounts and the case front scratches very easily. I ended up scratching it without even noticing at first just by rubbing a screw against it

Case Fan

These fans look great and are extremely quiet when run at low speeds. They are extremely pricey though and if you plan on using synced lighting modes be aware that iCUE doesn't currently allow rotating the fans through software. So if you're playing the pong animation on your case front, one of the fans might not line up which can currently only be fixed by physically rotating the fan

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  • 2 months ago
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I wanna try my hand at custom water cooling, especially when I see builds as clean and good looking as yours but damn if that **** doesn't scare me. Awesome build! +1

  • 2 months ago
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I was a bit intimidated at first also, but it turned out to be way less difficult than I anticipated. It does take quite some time though to do it right. Thanks for the compliment!