Hello there!, this was my first build, well, it's not complete yet, the original plan for this was to have the build ready around June when I have the money for all the pieces, but my 4 year old laptop started to fail so I had to make tough decisions and borrowed some money, I was able to buy everything except for the Video card, which I'm thinking of the GTX 780Ti superclocked by EVGA, I got the 4770K because I'm learning animation as well as software programming, the Dominator platinums however were in fact chosen for the sheer look (and the fact that I got them at a discount), I do plan to push OC as long as my recklessness will get me hence the H100i, no complaints on the paste, it did its job, going around 28-32C without OC, as for the MoBo it looks every bit of badass as I was expecting and also came with a lot of USEFUL software which in itself is more than I can ask from lots of things.

As for the SSD, complete disappointment, Even if I got it at a decent price, it failed at the 3rd day, seriously not even a week, it almost completely stopped functioning, it wouldn't even let me go to the windows install, it was not recognizable in the BIOS and just plugging it in makes it so that I can't go past the "starting windows" screen, so I'm just sitting here with a 200 dollar paperweight, it really makes me angry, I have to use the mass storage drive as my main disc and it can only access 2Tb because it is the main drive and I'm pretty sure there is no way to get it to go to 3Tb safely without risking my windows install, if someone knows for a way to fix this safely please let me know, I would be very grateful.

The only thing I didn't like about the case was the fact that the side panel has this gigantic fan that blocks the view to the inside, even if it works pretty well I think I would of preferred a normal side panel, also, I don't know where the cable for the red led of the front fan goes.

The 760XP was flawless, no complaints here either, got 760W because I'm a little paranoid that the thing won't work while OC'ed and with the 780Ti that I plan to buy around June hopefully.

The windows 7 here is what I got the best deal on, I don't know if people have it available the way I had it, but buying JUST the serial key straight through the company saves a LOT of money, I recommend searching for the option, REALLY worth it, just look at the price drop!

As for the Corsair Vengeance peripherals, all I can say is that I regret nothing, really good products, only problem I have is that the mouse is a little too big for my hand so I can't use the Sniper button that well.

The build went with minimal trouble, only hard things I encountered were putting the H100i backplate correctly and connecting the MoBo/CPU cables.

As a funny side note, when I first putted it all together and connected it, it wouldn't start, no post beep nor anything, not even a light, my first suspicion was that the power supply was DoA and I spent the entire night just trying to figure out what was it, finally arriving to the conclusion that is was indeed the PSU, I managed to find a switch on the back of it with the same On/Off symbols that the one in the front, realizing that the ones in the front were for the hybrid fan controls I facepalmed so hard against the floor that my head actually bled and I got kinda wobbly for a minute, I also cursed to hell and back over against whoever got the idea that using the same On/Off symbols for the fan control and for the actual On/Off button was a good idea.

EDIT: Any thoughts on the cable management, is it good?, bad?, any thoughts would be appreciated.


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