This has been one hell of a journey for me through building this PC, as i have accumulated so many parts and pieces throughout my two years that i've been working on, building, fixing and upgrading PC's. To start things off with this i wanted a gaming PC around the middle of 2013 and i began to save up from then on until Christmas of 2013; only to be rushed with a roller coaster of emotions as my mother had decided to by a pre-built so called ( GAMING PC ) from Best Buy. The link to that PC i will link here:

So after a few days or so i realized how low of gaming performance the APU had gave me, which brought me into the realization that i need to upgrade my PC. Though i had that thought in mind i never ended up upgrading till Christmas of 2014. That Christmas was when i began to REALLY get into computers. This is when i bought the RAM, 1TB HDD, G502, and the NZXT SLEEVED white LED Lighting Kit. fast forward a few months and i began looking at older computers. I started to disassemble them and put them back together with only one or two casualties on the computers (didn't realize how bad static ESD was :P). This started my love for building computers.

Only soon after the GTX 960 was released and i was so happy to know that from the money i had from Christmas was JUST enough for the GPU. That day i came home from school i Immediately put the GPU in my PC and booted it up only to find not much of giant difference in my games because of the bottleneck on the CPU . then again i realized i had to upgrade (though it was my main goal to get the 4690k in the end and it worked out).

fast forward till Christmas of 2015 and i was SO HAPPY to find that all of my parts i wanted were here. Even down to cable ties and a new tool kit for my PC's! I put my whole PC together within a few hours of deciding on which case i could use. I had the choice of either this Old GlobalWIN YCC 802 case that i modded a little bit, or my crappy Apevia X-Trooper Jr (the case is a giant piece of steaming ****). Though in the end i was very pleased with my PC and happy that my mother decided to listen to me with my PC parts. The fact that this took TWO whole years still surprises me that it was that long ago!

Review on my parts:

~ AMD A6 6400k

*PROS + Perfect for a home or office use + cheap

*CONS -If you plan to game on this at medium settings on mostly any game..... Have fun.... - very low L2 cache

~Asrock FM2 A55M DGSR 2.0

*PROS +Does as it supposed to do. +Decent OC'ing +perfect for anyone who is beginning to get into PCs

*CONS - no USB 3.0 support - awkward 24 PIN motherboard power placement

Super Talent 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1333

*PROS + perfect for office use

*CONS - you can find 8gb for $10 more with higher speeds -awful choice for APU's as they rely on the RAMs speeds.


*PROS +Works lol (bad failure rates, 36 of the 63 reviews were less than 3/5 stars)

*CONS -Expensive for a 500Gb HDD with only a 32 Mb cache -Would rather buy an SSD

Apevia X-Trooper-Jr (Red) ATX Mid Tower Case

*PROS + decent idea for the HDD mounting system +possibly mount a 240mm RAD in the front two fan mounts +plenty of 120mm fan mounts

*CONS - VERY CHEAP METAL -awful side panel window (scratches easy and has a LOT of flex) -no room for cable management whatsoever except for two zip-tie mounts -ugly cables for front I/O -the power button can become stuck if pressed at the wrong angle - IT OFFERS ATX MOUNTING OPTIONS BUT THE HOLES FOR THE MOUNTS ARE NOT DRILLED IN COMPLETELY -would not recommend unless you need a new case for your PC ASAP

Antec 450W ATX Power Supply

*PROS +cheap + 4 +4 PIN CPU cable +one 6 PIN PCIE cable

*CONS - is not super efficient -not modular ( cant expect much for a $33 PSU -puts out only around 360Ws on the 12V rail

================================================================================================ ~NEW HARDWARE~ ================================================================================================

Lite-On iHAS124-14 DVD/CD Writer

*PROS +it works

*CONS -none

Intel i5-4690k

*PROS +Unlocked +great for OC'ing +Handles everything i throw at it perfectly

*CONS - Not Hyper threaded (but i dont care for that as much)

MSI Z97-G45 Motherboard--

*PROS + Plenty of USB connections + Red and Black color combo + Can OC (Z97) + 2 way SLI and 3 way crossfire Plenty of PCI lanes

*CONS -none

EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB SuperSC ACX 2.0+

*PROS + Handles every game on high - max settings at over 70 FPS

*CONS -none

G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory

*PROS + Works the way its supposed to

*CONS -none

Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM

*PROS + Fast enough for me + 1tb

*CONS -none

EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 750W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX PSU

*PROS +Modular + 80+ Bronze + Quiet + 750W (more than enough for me, but i got it on sale for $50)


GlobalWIN YCC 802

*PROS +removeable Motherboard tray +some cable management +reccomend smei modular PSU

*CONS -no front I/O except the power or reset button -odd side panel -i dont have the other side panel but i plan on mounting a piece of plexi galss to the side

Thank you for reading this much if you have, and have a happy new year!


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You and me both got computer tool kits this Christmas! +1!

And then I looked at the part list of that prebuilt... I nearly fainted. I'm so glad you got this upgrade.

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i fainted when i realized how much my mom spent on the prebuilt x_x. $450

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All that is needed for this build is in the parts list? Also, what tools and safety yools did you use?

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Dont worry i know how to use my ESD equipment. :) I have an ESD Anti static mat that i was using and i have a whole pegboard wall full of tools!

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everything in the part list is what is in my system currently. In the description is with both my new and old hardware