This was my first custom built pc with some upgrades (Case and Cooler) and it is great for high settings gaming. The Athlon is a good chip for the price, the only intel chips that have around the same performance is the i7 920 and the i5 2400, the only reason I got a 240mm liquid cooler is because the athlon gets very hot with the stock cooler (100c max after a hour of gaming), 12 Gigs of ram wasn't my first choice but my 8 gig stick broke soooo, the hard drive is good for the price, the gpu is great for only being only 35 watts I average 70-100 fps on fortnite high settings, The case looks nice, the power supply I had in before was meh, but this new one is great and I got is for very cheap, and keyboard and mouse are ok but the paint is peeling on the mouse.

Part Reviews


Great CPU if you can get it cheap. But it does run very hot with stock cooler.

CPU Cooler

Awesome cooler for very cheap, keeps my CPU very cool


Decent board for the price, ASRock's service was meh.


Got it for free our of a old pc. It works very nice


Great for gaming, I also it for free which it is a plus.

Video Card

Best price to performance you can get


Cheap and can fit whatever you want

Power Supply

For $60 you can't go wrong. Perfect for my low power system and I can even upgrade to a high end system without worrying about the psu.

Case Fan

They spin and keep my system cool


Keyboard is great but the mouse is meh. But for $20 I can't complain much


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I love it! I like these kinds of builds. Brings the aspect of pc gaming to those who may not be able to spend 600 plus on a build. Nice job

  • 17 months ago
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Thanks! It took about 4 months to find all the parts on sale, but it was definitely worth it