For a long time I wanted my own powerful PC, both for ultra-effect gaming and gpu-required machine learning projects. After a one-month part hunting, I finally have the beautiful box ready on my desk. It has to be mATX. It must have potential for dual-gpu setup. So here it is.

Part Reviews


On the one hand, I really wanted AMD 3700X at the beginning. But there was no b550m product in the market. X500 series are already there, so b500m series can't be far away. Can't wait building it up and don't want to purchase a b450m mobo only a few months before b500m series' release. On the other hand, I don't have much work to do that can take advantages of 3700X's extra threads. So far 9700k did its job well.

CPU Cooler

Budget choice. Performance is supprisingly good. Easy to install.


As I want to add a second GPU in the future, this is one of the limited choice I have (2x16 PCIe slots). According to some reviews I found online, this is the fairly best mATX mobo I can have. Built-in Wi-fi and Bluetooth makes things much easier.


Beautiful and on discount. Performance is good enough for 9700k.


Great value for the money. Its performance is pretty close to Samsung's 970 Evo and it saves you approximately 50 bucks that you can spend on somewhere else.


Upgraded my windows laptop with it one year ago, move it to the pc now.


Bought it a few years ago, was using it as a back-up drive.

Video Card

As a birthday gift from my gf. Powerful enough for 60Hz 4K ultra-effect gaming. But it seems like 2070 super has the greatest value for the money.


I initially wanted Corsair 280X RGB (White), but the price was ridiculous and I was worrying about its thermal design. Eventually I went for Meshify C mini from Fractal Design. Two reasons: I have built a server using Fractal Design Define C, and it was an overall good experience; mATX and being quite (though not as good as Define series) were necessary for me.

I was wondering if the glass panel could be too dark. But after finishing this, it proved me wrong. The dark glass perfectly shows off the RGB parts and hides cables (which can save you a ton of time on cable management). And it is not as dark as I thought, you can still see the mobo during day-time.

Power Supply

Got it free when a friend upgraded his pc. It has only one 8-pin cpu power cable, while my mobo supports 8+4. Will upgrade it to 850w in the future, but it works pretty well so far.


It is actually 27UL650, which supports DP 1.4. You can enable HDR+4K+60Hz+10bit at the same time with DP 1.4, while 27UK650 only has DP 1.2. Pretty good panel. The curve-shape stand allows me to put a small speaker right beneath the screen.

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  • 3 months ago
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A true photographer. Good job except those GPU power cables look strange.

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

I appreciate that, C_T. :) I agree. As I plan to grab three Corsair's RGB fans during the Black Friday, I'll save the cable managing work until then. Thanks for pointing out tho.

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Spice it up bro. :)

[comment deleted by staff]
  • 3 months ago
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Lol. Was going for Noctua, but this one works much better than I thought.