I recently decided to upgrade my PC that I do mostly gaming on. I started with an i3 CPU from Intel and decided I wanted to change sides over to AMD due to cost. Unfortunately I was unable to afford upgrading the GPU at the moment as well so I am stuck with my EVGA 1050 until I can afford to upgrade to a 5700xt.

Ryzen 7 2700x: Probably the best part of the upgrade. Performs beautifully, a definite upgrade from my old CPU. The stock cooler is a little on the loud side, but looks fantastic. Be warned if you are purchasing this part, because I am a doofus who did not know to only plug in either the RGB cable or the USB cable, there is no need to have both plugged in like I do. Other than that it was pretty straight forward to install, even if some moderate pressure was required on the cooler to slot it in to the arms.

MSI B450M: Not sure how to feel about this because its only my second time building a PC. I felt like it was a little difficult for a novice builder such as myself. Plus there was only one fan header and one RGB header. I had to use the fan controller that came with my DeepCool fans (not listed in part list as of now) to control their RGB elements as I used the one on the board accidentally for my CPU cooler. Other than that, its a good board and does all that I need.

Samsung 970 Evo: Brilliant little SSD that slots right into the motherboard. Never heard of one before purchasing and it works wonderfully and is considerably quicker than my old 1 TB hard drive.

Cooler Master Q300L: Alright. Here is probably the worst part of the build. I love the aesthetic of this case and the size. However, I should have done more research on the thing before purchasing. I don't know if I can recommend this case to anyone for two reasons. First, the airflow is exceptionally bad, which I think contributes to by CPU cooler fan working harder and being louder. The mesh on the front and top panel is very cool looking but sub-par in functionality as it definitely is the culprit behind the restrictive airflow. Secondly, there is no PSU shroud (somehow I didn't think it would be a big deal) which made it difficult to manage cables. If I had a redo, I'd probably have gone for a NZXT or something equivalent.

If anyone has any suggestions on future upgrades, obviously the GPU, or cable management suggestions that would be most welcome. However, if you would like to know how it performs in the current state (being bottle-necked significantly by the GPU) it runs better than before upgrading, but definitely no where near what I'd like it to be at. I get about 50-70FPS in most games with high settings except for newer titles like Fallen Order in which I get a maximum of 45 FPS with minimal settings. Even then it doesn't feel as smooth as I'd like.

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Just a caution if you ever change the CPU cooler to a more traditional tower air cooler, you'll probably find that the motherboard VRM's start to overheat. That board is a bit light on power delivery heat-sinking (as in, there isn't any); it's a fine little board but the 2700X will stress it out. If you upgrade the CPU cooler I suggest a top-down airflow type (e.g. Scythe Choten TUF), or else rig up a small fan to blow on the VRM's.

No question that a GPU upgrade would be the next step. How about a 1650 super? Relatively low heat compared to some and still a big step up from what you have.