Windows 8 Installation.

I was able to reuse Windows 8 license of my old laptop(dead) . I had my license key, so downloaded the OS installation onto a USB stick and did a clean install on the new SSD. Windows activation needs us to call Microsoft customer support (automated voice recognition call ). This is bcos Microsoft knows that this is a new machine/hardware. With the activation I was able to upgrade to 8.1

After lot of thought, I went for a 24 inch monitor rather than 27. Yes saved 120$. Used that money for a the rig. Reused old laptop HDD, OS, a keyboard and mouse from garage. If you are getting GTX960 now you have 4GB for 30$ extra.

Yes i used a antistatic cable ! :)

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 Score:1746 FPS:69.3 Min:22.9Max : 149.2 FPS System 1920x1080 full screen Quality High

There were few promotions and combos which saved ~75$

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