I had to share this, I've been wanting to build a box for real for a while. So when our family PC died, I took the opportunity to clear it with our household Director of Operations (my wife). She approved the project, so here we are.

CPU i5 5790. I wanted an i7, because it was the biggest, baddest and most expensive. Not because I really needed it, but because I wanted it. I am not a gamer, don't do any video editing to speak of, but I do run some virtual machines in Hyper-V (part of my job function at my work). So the wife gently suggested a less expensive chip.

Motherboard Gigabyte H97. I really wanted lots of RAM capacity 32 gigs supported, and I wanted to future proof it as much as possible.

RAM 16 gigs to start with

Storage 1 terabyte for data storage with my wife and kids users as well as myself (I have a NAS at home and we upload to OneDrive and I purge data occasionally). I put a 500 gig SSD drive. Whoa, it is blazing fast. From completely off to Windows sign on screen in 19 seconds. Windows 10 on it runs like a far, LOL.

I don't know any thing about power supplies, and cases, so I went on reviews. I must say I like the case I got a lot, and it was easy to install and manage cables. So, here we are.

Be gentle, it is my first build. I named the family computer Ultron. My wife and kids rolled their eyes.

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  • 56 months ago
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You're not gonna use 32 gbs of RAM, 12gb will be more than enough for almost everything that's not research-oriented. Don't expect to add more anytime soon.

Also, you've listed your CPU as a 4590, just fyi.

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  • 56 months ago
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Thank you! I have already been encouraged by my 16 year old son, and I am probably going to get one that will support the monitors plus our 55inch HD TV in the same room. I will have HDMI/CAT6E converters to both ends and run the 6e under the floor to both outlets. We have a great crawl space, which is in reality a walk space, and I want to ultimately run 6e throughout the house, in prep for Google Fiber, which is being laid in Nashville currently (where I live, obviously)

  • 56 months ago
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Woohoo for Tennessee ! And, I wish fiber was coming here....

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  • 56 months ago
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Thanks for the reply! We aren't so much interested in anyone looking in, except for our 18 month old that we want to keep from seeing the outside! We hide the computer from little hands that want to push lit buttons. There is plenty of airflow to it behind and to the side, so that should be good.

Thanks for looking at the build. I had so much fun putting it together.