Updated 9/7/2016

This build was completed going as shoe string of a budget; finding as many good deals, using as many interchangeable parts from an older re-purposed Dell Optiplex from work I got as a freebie, and from whatever source I could get them. While I knew I wanted to upgrade from a 2nd generation Intel chipset, I did not have the budget resources at the time to jump straight into Skylake. So, I opted for 4th Gen and with a Z97 board and good case that can grow with me over a couple of years, allowing for smaller & modest upgrading (possible SLI) over time. I am pretty happy overall with this build, though I will definitely be changing to a devils cayon K cpu (most likely the 4690k) and better gpu(s) and OC'ed ram... down the road.

Update #2 So i've since gotten a great deal for a better stronger PSU at 750w. And I've made some local trade deals for two slightly used ASUS Strix GTX 970s that i'll be putting into SLI. Still have the need for a devils canyon CPU, and looking at 1440p monitors down the road.

new pics to come soon

CPU - $143 - local guy off of craigslist

Mobo - $77 - slightly used off of eBay

Case - $45 - local kid off of Craigslist (I'm pretty sure he was attempting a new build and got frustrated with it and gave up... my win!)

Hyper 212 - $15 - part of case deal

Ram - Crucial Ballistix Sport (16GB set) - $59 on Amazon sale **Local trade with another tech buddy I know for the second 16GB set identical to mine - $0.00! =D and he took the Samsung memory I was originally using in this, for a project he wanted them in, so win all around.

SSD - $86 - price matched at BestBuy against Amazon at the time. ** Second SSD came off a work PC project that was never installed. - $0.00 =D

WD Black - pulled from the work PC (Cost me $65 last year from Fry's Electronics, re-purposed for this build as less than 6mo old)

PSU - $89 - Enermax Revolution XT, rebate sale from Fry's Electronics.

GPU x2 - One is less than two months used, the other less than six months used. $202 w/shipping and $145 respectively.

OS - $115 - Win 10 Pro (on sale from Fry's Elec.)

Case fan - $13 - Corsair 140mm fan to the front to push more airflow.

Total- $989


  • 45 months ago
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TIP: I'd change the PSU with the TR 2 500 W one, or another one from another brand.

Apart from that, nice solid budget build!


  • 45 months ago
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TR2 isn't that great either. I would recommend you EVGAs b2/g2/p2/gq, seasonic, xfx, or antec units.

  • 45 months ago
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I've got one of the new 600w TR2s, it works very good!

  • 45 months ago
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If it works fine for you then great, I personally wouldn't wanna spend money on something that hasn't been reviewed properly, especially if it cost the same as a high-quality unit that you know for sure is good.

  • 45 months ago
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It doesn't cost that much! :-P

  • 42 months ago
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Thats a nice build. I have a similar one and I am really happy with it. I scrounged around as well for deals. That 750ti is an amazing card. Really help up well for me. Even plays Doom. I am thinking of upgrading though to a new 1060 , just for that little more oomph.

  • 41 months ago
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Thanks for the comment and the extra GPU "oomph" is exactly what I'm debating on right now! Then again... more oomph? Or new skylake build and the wifey gets this one??!!?? Hahaa