I use it for editing, and gaming. Pretty proud of the result. First time building a pc, I am 14 so it is pretty sick that I got a pc that looks this cool. Thanks anesthesiologist aka my dad. I did not get a barracuda hard drive. My dad just went all out and bought me a 2tb ssd instead of 1 Tb ssd and a 2tb hard drive. Again, thanks dad. I’ll probably slap another ssd in there in the future, but for now I’m set. This was my dream pc. Always dreamed of getting a i7 and a gtx 1070ti. Never thought I would get it, but through hard work working outside I finally got my hands on it. I do help my dad on things, but there is no way I had this much money saved up for a build like this, so I just want to thank my dad. Of course the peripherals are bad, but I’m planning to get a new mouse and keyboard and mouse pad on my birthday. I already got a new headset. I’m using the pc37x. Also can’t forget about the ps4. Never did play on console, my uncle just unexpectedly bought me one for Christmas. My uncle is actually way poorer than my dad so it was a huge surprise. Anyway I want to say thanks for everyone who got all of my gear. Mainly my dad though because Jesus Christ just look at it. I did spend some time on cable managing. Not a lot of room to hide cables but I did my best. I didn’t want to make it “cordless” as that would have taken a long time. And I think the cable managing inside the computer is pretty well done. I did get 6 ll120fans, but the radiator didn’t have enough clearance for it, or should I say the tubing. I just slapped those bad boys into my brothers computer (my old one) and it looks way better now. I’ll probably upload his setup on here too, but for now I’m pretty happy with what I got.

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  • 4 months ago
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Very cool build! Great parts, what games are you planning on playing?

  • 4 months ago
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Thanks, I am planning to play many games. The main ones I'm probably going to be playing are overwatch, Pubg, Rb6s, Csgo, Many single player games like the witcher and tomb raider, and many others. I also got this computer to start doing editing and I have to say it is a lot of fun. I might retake the pictures, because they are a little blurry but overall this is an awesome computer and I am really happy. Oh and that might seem overkill for 1080p (which it is) but I wanted 144 fps ALL THE TIME. On my old computer it would dip down into like the 130 or 120 fps area and it just didn't feel consistent. BUT NOW it is buttery smooth.