Son's basic gaming rig... my first complete build and I haven't performed any hardware upgrades in 15+ years... The sample builds on this site rocked for bringing me 20 years up to speed on tech. This was built mostly with Microcenter bundles/rebates and Amazon promotions and/or rebates running up through Christmas.

Would not POST until BIOS updated to the latest rev, kept getting Error 41 (no definition in manual or from ASUS tech support) but could launch into safe mode no problem ( having the Safe Mode button on the MOBO is great!). I was pretty upset about this until I realized the BIOS rev on this early board was created well before the processor was released; so, in hindsight, this should be expected. After updating the BIOS via the special USB port (super easy), POST successful after one automatic restart.

Overclock through BIOS software is really simple to use, currently perfectly stable at 28% increase without any manual manipulation.

The Core V21 was a breeze to work with, all four sides come off for access and are interchangeable, I will never again buy another PSU that is not fully modular. No spare wires to tuck, wires pre-sleeved in woven loom... worth every penny. Yes, the 750W Gold power supply is total overkill, but I pay the electric bill and it has enough headroom to SLI the 960 or upgrade and SLI with a couple GTX 970 or 980 when the prices drop.

Two weeks in, so far so good.


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Nicely done. I'm into my first build myself, and this site has also helped me tremendously. Also makes it easy to share my parts list and have friends send me recommended changes. I have just the case now, but just ordered almost all the rest today, enough to get it running. I'll order the fans and graphics card once I get the onboard one up and going.