Recently built system. Super quiet (inaudible at idle, gentle whooshing sounds at load) and pretty nice temps all round. A few regrets and challenges -

  • Should have gone higher clocked RAM. 2666 is fine but I should have waited for a restock and picked up 3200.

  • A Ryzen 3600 would have been a better move but I decided to save the $100 and go the 2600. Performance is still super fine.

  • I don't need a 750W power supply but I originally built this for a Strix Vega 64 I had. That suffocated in mITX and was pushed right up against the PSU shroud. Temps and noise were totally unacceptable - that thing needs more room to run well. In love with this 2060 Super.

  • Asus motherboard again I bought to match the Strix Vega but there are probably better, cheaper options. I like Asus's BIOS but it's worth noting that there's no USB-C header, and the USB 3.1 was incredibly flimsy. Trying to unplug and replug the cable resulted in the plastic part of the plug ripping off the pins and so I don't have any USB front ports operational... also it only has 3 fan headers so splitters are a must.

But on the whole? I'm in love. It looks great and does everything I need from it.


  • 2 months ago
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Solid build. Did something similar for a buddy. Opted for the 3600 on a B450, with an rx 580 instead. He's getting it tomorrow and has no idea it's coming. He's upgrading from a 2600 non-K, and a GTX 760.

Enjoy man! Got a good upgrade path too, so you can upgrade whenever you feel it's necessary.

  • 2 months ago
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Very clean build! I was going to get that same motherboard and case to downsize my computer, but had that same problem with no USB-C header. I decided to just get an X570i aorus pro wifi so the USB 3.1 gen 2 port could be usable (and I guess my pc would be a bit more futureproof).

  • 1 month ago
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Is there much CPU bottlenecking? Is the CPU running at 100% at all times under load, especailly gaming? Thanks.

  • 23 days ago
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I think you got your answer by now. lol