So i've always wanted to build one myself and finally got around to doing it. Used to have laptop to attached to monitor/keyboard/mouse etc. But it's annoying to remove all of them when i want to take the lappy with me so there's another reason why i decided to build one.

I edited the prices of what i have already purchased and those are pretty much the lowest prices that i could get where i live but also they all come from one supplier so i could order them all together.

CPU: Chose this one because i've only heard good things about it. Also wanted the possiblity to oc when the need presents itself.

MoBo: I just liked it.

Memory: Pretty much went for the looks here.

Storage: Atm i only have the ssd and its operational and i love it. Don't know how it compares to other ssd-s because i've never had one before. Planning on getting WD Blue too but im open for suggestions.

GPU: Well this one im not sure yet. Just can't decide on one yet. For some reason r9 280x seems kind of nice but PLEASE SUGGEST SOMETHING :)

PSU: The Corsair VS650 was on sale so i thought why not. Seems quiet for now.

Case: Well the case was pretty random. Bought a cheap one that looked ok for me at that time. MISTAKE. It's quite small. MoBo barely fit and not very wire-hidey friendly. Also not sure if a large GPU is gonna fit without some modifications.

Have Win 8.1 pro installed on it.


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