This build came together after some research on what the ideal machine would be for light gaming. Primarily WoW and CS:GO.

CPU Choice: This was made easy for me as my local micro center had the 4690k for $180.00 AND $40.00 off the MOBO.

MOBO: I chose the MSI Krait for the color scheme which will be visible in my planned upgrades. I'll eventually be moving to an NZXT s340 and will be going for an all back and white scheme.

GPU: Obviously a small GPU, however the consensus online was that this GPU will handle WoW & CS:GO on ultra no problem. I can attest. WoW on ultra is at a constant 80 FPS with regular spikes into the 120-140 range. Same story for CS:GO. This card is perfect for light gaming. Highly recommend.

CPU Cooler: Will be my first upgrade.

Case: The case is fine, easy enough to build in. However there is no cutout to route the power supply cable which you can see has to be strung right across MOBO, looks sloppy.


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I've built in that case twice by now and know for a fact that there's ample room for cable managment, you just have to be a bit creative and make sure not to overlap any large cables. It's not easy to cable manage in, but it's by no means something you should give up on. There's even a small hole for the CPU power cable at the top of the case, it's just hard to fit it through.

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Nice Job you silver scrub :)

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Yeah man, get those cables squared away and you've got a winner!

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@Stuart_Munto - Thanks man!!

@ StealthRaider - I don't understand the reference, but Ill take it as a compliment

@ Octothorpe- Thanks for the tip. I'm looking forward to improving the Cable Management and posting some more pics!