Currently I am waiting for the parts to come and I will put up more information when I get the parts.

The Story: After using a $1800 iMac, It was starting to be too slow for my needs. BTW I am nine... My budget for the computer was $1500 then it turned to $1380 then $1000 and then my mom decided it to be $650. The iMac could handle games from 2009 but it stutters and screen tearing happens. Also the iMac was a late 2013 model. I researched parts for months. The name of the computer came from when my brother told me that pi was infinite. When I was going to buy CPU and the headphones from outlet PC the website did not validate the credit card. So I had to buy them on Amazon. The reason I had to buy a monitor is because there isn't one in the house. I need 8 GB of RAM but I had a $650 budget that includes the monitor, mouse, keyboard and headphones. My parents and my brother don't know that much about technology so I'm basically the smartest person at technology. The computer is actually going to be my early birthday present from my mom.

I was so exeited when I was building my pc. I tested it with minecraft with seus and sildur's ultra shaders. It ran around 30fps. It just crushed every game I throw at it. The cable managment was terrible because the case was terrible. Putting the fan on the cpu cooler was a huge pain. Sorry that the pictures look like a resoultion a potato would do.

Tested it with valley and heaven. I tried it on heaven with the extreme preset and it always gets above 15fps. On my iMac it had around 1-10fps. On valley (extreme hd) it got over 20fps and I haven't tried valley with my iMac.

The reason I gave the mobo 4 stars because I couldn't oc my cpu with oc genie. The case could not do any cable management and one of the mobo stand-offs was not able to go in one of the holes. The harddrive bay was interfeiring with the cpu cooler. Installing the power supply in the case was horrible. The microphone with the bitfenix flo broke in 30mins of having it. A few weeks later it worked. The leather-plastic thing on top of the headphones broke off on one side.

Here is my video of me building my computer:

WARNING: These photos and the video may limit your eye to only see 360p.

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  • 61 months ago
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maybe you should have stuck with the stock cooler that comes with the cpu and gotten a better case... also i dont see you ever using 550 watts so a corsair 430 watt psu for $20 would have saved you more money

the story for this computer is really nice, im glad your mom allowed you to make a new computer, my mom doesnt know anything about tech so my old lga775 8 yr old computer is what i have to run with

if you really dislike some of the parts you got, sell some of them on ebay for like a discount :P the case could get u $20, psu $50, cooler $20, and you could get a nicer case and a bit of a less nicer psu, but corsair is a very nice company

enough of the long cons of the build, i think you did well, i like all of your parts and pics (my eyes didnt bleed thank god) and at the end of the day you sir have a very nice pc and that is all that matters :)

  • 60 months ago
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hey, hows the monitor, im reading mixed things regarding inputs. Here it says it has built in speakers, but other sides say it doesnt but it has 3.5mm troughputs.

i know its a bit late but youre the only one that has a build with it here, cheers

  • 60 months ago
  • 2 points

this monitor has built in speakers but they are a bit tinny. also it does not have 3.5mm ports. the monitor quality is good

  • 60 months ago
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awesome, thanks!

  • 30 months ago
  • 1 point

You plan on upgrading?