Will use this for Digital Audio Workstation, Video Editing with dual Monitors, encoding video/audio. So far it is great and the OCZ drive is awesome. Running 1.5 firmware out of the box and no problems with it whatsoever. Audio editing and encodes are super fast. All parts work smoothly with each other! The RAM and the CPU Cooler were a tight fit but turned out fine because it just barely cleared each other, thankfully!

Transferred Gigabytes of files from USB 2.0 & 3.0 front ports on Case and it was extremely fast even when saving onto the traditional mechanical Hard Drive! Everything is amazingly fast so far. Boot time is almost not noticeable with the SSD.

CPU Temperatures have been between 24 and 34 C. Have not overclocked anything yet, wanted to break it in first. RAM is running at XMP Profile @1866 no problems so far. 32GB RAM tested with MemTest 86+ before installing Windows and got ZERO errors.

For those that are curious, the Windows Experience index has 7.8 for CPU, 7.9 for RAM, 7.9 for Hard Drive, and 6.6 for graphics. (7.9 is the highest that will register on Windows 7) As you can see, using onboard video is the only bottleneck, but unless I decide to game it is perfectly capable of displaying what I need. Currently it runs dual monitors , one at 2560x1600 and 1920x1080 HD with no slow downs whatsoever.

Note: i7 3770k onboard graphics SUPPOSEDLY capable of 3 monitors simultaneously, however only two monitors work at one time. Have a display port monitor, DVI LED Monitor, and an HDMI HDTV all hooked up to the ports on the Motherboard and all work perfectly, but only 2 at one time. Not a problem for me since you can use Profiles in the Intel video setup to quickly change the 2 monitors you want to use.

***All this was about $1400 (including 27" monitor) with amazing black friday deals, as opposed to the over $1800 price tag shown.


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