Computer Name: Weasel

Price Total: $2366.81

This is my first PC build. Needed a new gaming system since my pre-built (modified) gateway system is starting to let go after 8+ years of use. I'm hoping this one lasts as long, if not longer.

My main focus was keeping the system quiet but still able to run any game I throw at it on 1080p High/Ultra Graphic settings. Of course I also want to keep the temperatures down.

I'm extremely satisfied with this build so far. I haven't had the chance to have long gaming sessions with it yet but tested some of my harder to run games (Shadow of Mordor) and am getting consistent high frame-rates.

Part Reviews

Video Card


  • Very strong card capable of playing any 1080p game on Ultra/High graphics with consistent 60+ fps.

  • Extremely quiet. Even when the fan is set to high speeds, it never really gets loud enough to be bothersome. And I have my tower directly next to me when gaming.

  • Stays very cool. During benchmarking which pushed it to it's limits it never really got any higher than 70-71 degrees.

  • Very cool looking. Love the design and looks amazing in my build.


  • HUGE! The card is massive. Even in the NZXT H440 I had to put it in sideways first to be able to fit it. And since the power connectors are in front of it (facing the window), I had to compromise some of my cable work to be able to plug it in.
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