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by gdonaldson



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(I couldn't call it the Phantom... that would be even less original).

After many trials and tribulations in building this (primarily with the SSD, more on that later)... it's done! I'd been looking at building this all summer, and bit the bullet a few weeks ago to buy everything. It was the first build I'd done myself, so I was super cautious with putting everything together, but it went smoothly - plenty of space inside the case (although as I'd read elsewhere, the rubber grommets were loose - if you're careful to keep them in place as you thread cables it's fine, and they're possible to put back on if they come totally off), and it's basically silent: the 3-position fan speed switch was a nice touch, and the GAIA is big, beautiful, and silent as well.

Regarding my SSD issues: after getting absolutely no help from ASRock as to why I was getting 1.5 MB/s transfer speeds at 100% drive activity (when I knew the ports, cables, and drive were all fine), I finally got help from a customer service rep at Samsung. The Intel RST driver on ASRock's site was 12.6, a version that was so bad Intel totally delisted it. After updating to the latest version from Intel's site, 12.8, I had absolutely no problems. Moral of the story: don't trust ASRock for drivers. (I think that driver problem applies to any H87 board, and maybe Zs - not sure).

Haven't had time to put it through any stress tests yet, but so far, I'm very happy with it - my previous comp was a T500 from 2009. AMD Mobility Radeon 3950 (3XXX something for sure) with 256MB of GPU RAM, so this is a massive upgrade. I GET CLOUDS IN CIV 5, NOT GREY HEXAGONS!!!

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fnapoli 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

Judging by that PSU, I assume you hope to crossfire eventually?

Nice build otherwise. Love the gunmetal. It's a shame you can't route the 8-pin mobo cable behind the back, though.

gdonaldson submitter 1 Build 3 points 49 months ago

Actually, probably not (although I'll never say no for sure). It was just on a pretty good sale at $60, and Seasonic is quality, so I figured it couldn't hurt.

Yeah, it just needs another inch or so, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

I'm very happy with the gunmetal look as well, although I think I would've liked black with white accents too - might've fit better with the GHOST moniker, but the gunmetal works just fine.

fnapoli 1 Build 2 points 49 months ago

Yeah, $60 was a great deal. Good to have the option! You might be able to reach if you flip the PSU upside down, which would be good too so the fan is facing down and not stealing air from the video card...unless your comp is on carpet...

gdonaldson submitter 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

It is on carpet, but the cords come out of the (current) top of it anyways, so flipping it wouldn't help.

Also - stealing air from the video card?

Proluke 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

it cant crossfire unfortunatly i have the same one :/

gdonaldson submitter 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

Same PSU? I think it has more modular PCI cables... maybe I'm forgetting though.

Proluke 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

i havent tested it myself but it said it doesnt support crossfire on any website ive gone too, idk im new with computers..

sketch24 9 Builds 1 point 49 months ago

He can't CF because the motherboard only has one PCIE slot.

a_slow_descent 1 point 49 months ago

Always update the drivers immediately! Just do it right from windows. Hit windows key and type device driver. Right click on each thing and say update driver and then search online. really like your build too by the way.

gdonaldson submitter 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

Mhmm - that's probably what I'll do from now on. Would that catch the RST driver though? (maybe in general mobo drivers...)

a_slow_descent 1 point 49 months ago

it should. I never had issues.

torrinbc 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

Nice deal on ram and OS.

gdonaldson submitter 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

Back to school/end of summer sale... fantastic deal on RAM. OS was a sneaky deal I could grab because I was still registered as an employee of my university and I had the faculty/staff discount. (It was also technically an upgrade license, I think, but it hasn't given me any trouble yet)

sketch24 9 Builds 1 point 49 months ago

Nice build. All quality parts.

Mattkx4 1 point 49 months ago

Great Build.... I don't know why you called it Ghost I would have assumed that from a Phantom 410 White..... but It's Black..... Oh well :P Amazing build

gdonaldson submitter 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

Yeah... I decided to go with it anyways because I didn't want to go with Phantom and it was absolutely silent.

Mattkx4 1 point 49 months ago

It's alright it's a great build still :)