The real starting point for this build was just the color green. The case had the green mesh in front & a green LED fan, so I followed that with more. A set of AMD components were coalescing separately & just happened to have red accents in common. Now you know the whole concept. The result should be good enough for today's most popular activities. Remember: if they don't find you handy, they should at least find you handsome.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

I wouldn't say this is a particularly excellent cooler, but I'm fond of the design & I'd like to see the manufacturing process. Replaced the included fan with 2 green LED fans, simply twist-tied around the pipes with thin wire. I have another Hyper T2 ready to use — that one will wear the original clip-on fans of 2 units for push & pull.


Got this used, it was ready for the Ryzen & didn't give me any headaches with CrossFire.


This Vengeance LPX stuff works for me the 1st time every time. Always fits, never protests XMP . . . no complaints.


Build small or not at all. Should not be sold for ATX purposes. Multiple attempts to route cables before settling on what is pictured. PATENTED HDD mounting slots conflict with CPU cooler of any significant height, cannot be front-loaded. It's a good thing Raidmax also stamped CABLE MANAGEMENT into the sheet metal, because they must remember to add that capability.

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