This PC has all the RGB you'll ever need, and it is great for 1080p gaming. Games tested:

CS:GO max settings = ~250-300 fps Battlefield V near max settings = 60fps GTA 5 max settings = 60fps

Great for under 2000 dollars. If you want an upgrade for editing: i9 9900K is ~100 dollars more

NOTES: WiFi will not be on board with this motherboard, you can get the MSI Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON AC for 20 dollars more with onboard WiFi. The GPU is way too big for the vertical mounting bracket included - I know, disappointing.

Part Reviews


Room Heater even before me OC'ing this. Would give 1 star if it didn't go up to 5ghz.

CPU Cooler

Bit loud under load, but does the job very well.


Good aesthetics, good board.


Vengeance RGB Pro is the best looking RGB Ram I've ever seen.

Video Card

2060 Super has much better value since it has the same performance except its cheaper. I was rushed tho, so. This is still a good card

Power Supply

Good PSU, but this is way too overkill for my setup

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