My Best Friend Elfi Purchased an Ibuypower computer not long after I built my first computer. Her father did also. Getting the same thing. Except his HD was smaller. It served her well over the years.

The past couple of years things started to show. First she became involved in Second life. The video card and her slower memory began to show. Then both her father and her own computer developed bad Power supplies. She took it in to a local PC Repair instead of me and got more memory and new power supplies for them both. And paid way to much for what she got and what they did.

Fast forward a year and the graphics began to show bad. I had ordered two 750TI EVGA cards and was going to bridge them only to find out you cant. Elfi got a Christmas present of a new Video card.

This past year again her computer began to show its age. Strange power issues and other things. I decided to update her computer to keep her going for a few more years. The case was sound and had lots of fan spots. Sadly the original case had only two fans. Front and back. The upgrades were heating things up a bit.

I picked up the Newer AMD FX 4300 Processer from a friend that Pulled it from his computer for an 8350. He also used an aftermarket water cooler on it. After a bit of poking prodding and a deal it was sent to me and he tossed in the bigger 8350 cooler with it. (Nice) I then purchased a newer Asus MB that would handle AMD FX3+ processors and had 990 chip set. Her Christmas present.

Later after she complained about her system being slow I talked her into a SSD and she knew my systems were magically fast to boot and more. We were at Frys for shopping and I also picked up Several Blue Fans for the computer. I had the intentions of making her fans all blue to match the bar on the front. I also talked her into upgrading her mixed memory that the so called professional place did for her.

So, the plan was for me to upgrade her computer and she wanted to use things on her fathers to get it up to a better state as a back up. Her dad had passed last October and it sat at my home after a through cleaning. She liked the 750 graphics card. So she ordered one for her fathers machine.

Well months later after poking her she finally let me redo her computer. I took the time to put in the one blue fan I had in stock and then put in the rest that we had purchased. Then I pulled out the Video card then the MB, processor and memory together. I then installed the new parts and put in the brand new video card and decided to put the year old 750 card in her dads computer.

So, The operation began and removed the old guts and installed the new ones. Newer faster processor and new better MB. The better memory and installed the new SSD. Then came the fun rewiring it all over. Routing and plugging and making the fan connections to the Motherboard. Then making the fan connections to the power for the extra fans. The computer has six fans now. After all the work hooking things up I closed the side and plugged in everything and pushed the power button.....

Arrgh! Nothing.... Pulled power cord and rechecked everything over and over . Still nothing. I got a bit frustrated. Then I looked at the power cable to the Motherboard. It had two end plugs. I pulled one and put the other in and closed things up and..... Yep powered up!

Arrgh! WTF... Red Fans... All but the front one were red... Pulls hair! Picks up all the packages and looks at them. Cooler master 120's Yep says blue right on them and has the blue tab.. Corsair.. Yep also labeled blue! Scratches head. I even asked for blue fans at Fry's. I thought about it for a bit. The only explanation I could get was that all red fans seem to cost more.. That still baffles me. Blue actually costs more to produce in led.. I am guessing some kinds swapped the fans over in boxes there and were going to buy them and the sales guy went and grabbed them from the rack and gave them to me.. Its the only reasonable way you can get red fans in two different fan brand packages and sizes that are labeled clearly blue fans.

Well, At least the one blue fan was behind the blue glowing front bar. It didn't look that bad and the fans were purchased several months back.. I seriously doubt that Fry's would take them back and also my making a fifty mile drive there just to swap them out. I went on and finished reloading the windows 7 back on the machine and got it ready for my friend. Turned out she did not mind the colors. Whew!


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+1 for helping someone who got a crappy prebuilt pc, but holy hell that ram! What does she need 32gb for?

  • 45 months ago
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She does lots of picture work and plays a very intensive game. Plus it was on sale...

  • 45 months ago
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Hope she is happy with that 750 Ti! Some stuff we call trash, others call it free good stuff! (logic)


  • 45 months ago
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I did ask her about a newer card but I got "I like this one and they still sell it... Smiles not going to argue with customer/Friend...

  • 45 months ago
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