Built this for gaming always wanted a gaming computer built some before but really wanted some thing i was happy with i love 570x case the con i have with it is the dog fur sticks to it like crazy and the psu cover could use a hole cut out of it for small cables not a big deal cut one my self and wrapped in black vinyl to give it a glossy shine the h100i and corsair vengeance ram are a supper tight fit if you mount the radiator on top and the corsair link software sucks. there was enough room on the bottom of the case to mount my sea hawk radiator on a piece off acrylic i cut bent and warped in vinyl. on the right glass panel i printed a dark picture off snake eyes on clear vinyl and off the bottom of the left side the gijoe logo in clear vinyl you can not see them in the pictures pretty happy with the way it turned out the first picture is the one i put on the right side

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

keeps my cpu 55 degrees c under full load


the rgb lighting is nice but you can not see it behind the exhaust fan and video card


the corsair link soft ware sucks


crazy read and write speeds


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I can't not +1 a build with a SeaHawk :) Well done.

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Nice i'm using the Seahawk X in my build too!

  • 20 months ago
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comment on gtx 1080 with ultrawide 1080p @75hz??? gonna go same path :)

  • 19 months ago
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Just make sure the monitor is g sync a lot 75hz monitor will only work with at 60hz if you do not have the right gpu