My first computer was a used one, it packed a Phenom II X4 965 BE, HD5770 and 4GB of RAM. And i slowly started to modify it, starting with the case, then the graphics card and HDD, then the cooler, then the motherboard and finally the CPU. And i'm finally here, after having many cases and videocards between them, i no longer regret the long journey i had.

I just one day saw the Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV mini case on youtube and i instantly fell in love, i knew i had to have it. At that time i had already switched to mITX size, i had the same components as right now, but only difference was the case and the graphics card. It was the Node 304. But it was just too damn small for the graphics card and airflow was bad. So i ordered the case, switched out my graphics card. Finally after a week of waiting, the case arrived.

Then started the build, i just chose the H97 chipset motherboard because i knew im not going to clock the processor again, so i don't need it. I had somesort of Arctic cooler at the time, i dont exactly know why, but it worked like a charm and was quiet. Everything went really smooth, had no problems at all, since i've built like 200+ PCs overall.(worked as a custom pc assembler)

There hasn't been anything much to change, i only bought a new cooler and a graphics card backplate, because the AIO cooler was affordable and it's been praised a lot. I bought the backplate from EK Waterblocks. So right now my computer under load is very quiet, cool and i'm happy about it. But in the future i think i will be trying to custom loop the whole thing.

Any question are welcome!

EK mentions on their website, that the backplate only works with the custom water block, but if you can go out to your hardware store and buy four 2x8mm M2 screws, you are all set.

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  • 48 months ago
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How are your gpu temps under load? With the small size of the case, I'm concerned that the graphics card won't be able to breathe that well and thus be too hot. Overall a very nice build!

  • 46 months ago
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That's exactly my fear too lol. I want to build in this case but worry. I have a MSI 980ti that uses the same looking twin frozr cooler.

  • 47 months ago
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I just created an account to tell you that your build looks fantastic. Well done! Question : how silent is your CPU cooler?