After lurking this site for almost a year, I finally saved enough to do my first build. This was an amazing process and I'm already wanting to build another..

SO. I started with the NZXT S340. When shopping for cases, I immediately fell in love with this case. Its simple and clean and fits what I wanted to the T. This case was super easy to build in. My only complaint about this case so far is the SSD mounts on top of the PSU shroud. They look great and are easy to install on, but with the positioning of the cable routing cut out on the shroud, the SSD power connector causes the whole bracket to stretch upward away from the mounting groove. It was annoying having to force the SSD down while trying to screw in the mounting screw. But after its down, you can't really tell that that problem was a problem.

SSD: I love this thing. I was told that an SSD would be unnecessary for a budget build like this, but I'm so glad that I did it. Boot times are incredibly fast.

CPU: I went with the i5-4590. This chip has handled everything I've thrown at it with out a sweat. I went with the locked version to save a few bucks and I just don't need the extra horsepower to justify overclocking.

MOBO: Love this board. It looks great, and has every function I will need. The color matches great with the case and the RAM so I'm a happy camper.

RAM: Its ram. its blue. it looks good. it works good. Me likey.

GPU: the 750 Ti FTW has been a great card for me so far. I had no intention of going to the new 1070, since thats just more than i will need. Hindsight, I probably could have waiting until after the 10 line came out and the prices dropped of older cards, but I was fine with the $120 price tag. I looks like it has a little bit of sag in it, but nothing out of the norm, I believe.

PSU: Went with the Corsair 430 watt psu. I wanted the semi modular version, but didn't double check the boxes I had checked in amazon before ordering and ending up with the non-modular version. It has worked great though and Ive had no issue thus far. (knock on wood) The modular version would have made cable management a little easier, especially with how little extra hardware I have that need power.

HDD: I started with just the 250gb SSD and that quickly filled up after the Witcher 3 was on sale in steam. So I ordered a 2TB drive to add to my rig. It took a little configuring to get the computer to read it, but after that, I've had no problems. Its a little loud when it starts to read, but nothing crazy.

The build went fairly smoothly. All of the youtube videos really made me feel like I knew what I was getting into. One thing that I never read or heard though, is that when installing the CPU into the MOBO, when lowering the clip, the CPU made a heart wrenching crunching sound. I had a mini heart attack and almost started crying. Pulled the arm off and the cpu out to double check pins. The pins ALL looked a little bent and I almost threw up. After searching for about an hour, someone said that this is normal for putting a cpu in. So I just kept trucking and put it all together just to test if I ruined the cpu or not. After building outside the case, it booted in the first try. This was the greatest feeling.. holy cow.

Currently running through an old TV with the HDMI cord. Needing a real monitor, but this will get me by for now.

I also need to find a good temperature gauge that will overlay with the desktop? Is there such a program? The only thing that I've tried thus far to read temps has been through the mobo bios. Any tips would be appreciated!

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