This was the first gaming computer I built. The story behind was that I bought a pre-built computer from a local computer store and within 3 months the power supply went and took out the motherboard and CPU. The motherboard if I remember correctly was an ECS Slot 1 PGA 370 with an Intel Celeron 667 CPU. After that I decided to do lots of research and build my own computer. I had built computers in the past but never gaming system for myself. So after a few weeks of research I came up with the build you see. Unfortunately I don't remember the power supply I used, I think it was an Antec.

Once I built the computer I wanted to try my hand overclocking the CPU. I had an AMD Duron 800MHz Spitfire core. (I loved the name of that processor). I used the pencil mod and filled in the L2 cache on the processor and was able to overclock to 1GHz, which at that time was pretty impressive. To cool it I used a Thermaltake Mini Super Orb and if anyone remembers those, they had no speed control and sounded like a Cessna.

That computer lasted all the way until 2006 before it finally died. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of it.

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