This is an massive update from my original Vengeance build (Hence Vengeance 2.0). Since then, the system has undergone a complete overhaul. Everything is custom liquid cooled. There is now a second graphics card to run with the original GTX 780Ti. The sytem runs flawlessly. The most impressive part is how whisper quiet this system is. You can barely hear the system, even under full load. This was my first custom water cooling build, and I'd call it a success. Temps and clocks on the right. Enjoy!

I built this computer to go to college, I wanted a small, compact pc with the potential of being expanded. Therefore, mini-itx was not a option. Another goal was to get the PC to be as quiet as possible, and wow does this thing run quiet. I can hear the HDD spin over the fans when they are at an idle state. I got each component I wanted and this was the outcome, I am more than happy with they way the PC turned out, let alone its performance. This is not my first build, but my 2nd true build. My first build was a full size HAF with an i7 960 24gb of ram and a GTX 670, yea, it was all over the place but it worked great. I still have it but am looking at selling it. Anyway, on to the main attraction.

CPU: Intel i7-4770k - I went with the CPU and it's unlocked version for the simple reason that it was overclock-able, something I was interested in since I got into building computers. I chose the i7 over the i5 because in the long run I feel that this will provide better performance for what I want to do (engineering software along with mild gaming and possibly editing) this was a "no brainer" for me.

Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Gene - I went with this board because I was blown away with the features it offered. Also, it fit the color scheme I wanted, but who cares about colors... right? :P The motherboard is amazing by my standards. The UEFI bios is a dream come true for someone like me, with little experience tweaking in the bios, I'm sure it would be refreshing for the advanced users too. The motherboard comes loaded with features and non-bloatware software (for the most part) that allows amazing tweaks on the fly and come on, it just looks amazing.

Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 1600Mhz - I think that this memory looks the best in the system for the black and red scheme I was going for. I read reviews about 1866+ Mhz memory but I was sold on the price of this memory. I also, at the time, did not think it would give any increased performance. I may look into overclocking it to 1866Mhz, but we will see when the time comes that I feel if it becomes a bottleneck factor. For now, I think this memory fits the build perfectly.

Storage: I chose the 500GB 840 EVO Samsung SSD because it offers great quality and price per gigabyte. Hard to beat that one. I also have a 240GB Crucial M4 SSD which is amazing for recording gameplays too to keep it off the main drive.

GPU: I ended up with a EVGA SC GTX 780 Ti. But one wasn't enough.

Power Supply: Corsair AX860i - After my choice of CPU cooler, I decided to get the Corsair Link enabled power supply because I just liked the idea of being able to see the intake wattage and efficiency, it's very nice. The PSU fan is off all the time when the computer is on since the CPU alone is not enough to push it to the point where the fan needs to be enabled. When I put a GPU in it will idle with the fan off, when games or graphics intensive software is on, the fan will slowly turn on. The PSU is perfect and helps the overall quietness of the system.

OS: Windows 8.1 pro from my university.

Overall comments: I tried to keep this build as clean as possible and have it look the best. I believe I did a great job with it and my part choices fit extremely well for what I want to do. I have absolutely no complaints about the computer and it's been built for a couple of days with no problems. The build looks extremely sleek and very high end. The red cold cathodes enhance the red appearance and makes the PC glow which looks great. For peripherals I have a 27" asus monitor that is very nice and bright, no complaints, its a monitor. The keyboard I use is a Corsair k70 (can you tell I like Corsair yet?) with red switches. They keyboard is great and has red LEDs which contribute to the build color scheme or red and black, a great addition and a great keyboard. Will never go back to the old style rubber dome keyboards! I also have Astro A50s that I use when communicating and gaming, they are flawless and I won't ever switch. I charge them up over night and their ready to go the next time I need them for an extended session. Everything else is stuff I had from my previous build including the Logitech Z780 or something like that speakers, though I don't use the rear 5.1 speakers because I don't need them. The mouse is a Razer Mamba from back in the day, can be wireless with a charging station, but I keep it wired into the keyboard because its right there. In all, the build looks great and performs great. I like the red and black scheme and thing that the build will last a long time into the future. Thanks for checking my build out and I look forward to reading and replying to all the comments!

OC Notes:

CPU 4.5Ghz @ 1.25V

GPUs +100 core, +50 mem, +75mV (working on the bios hacks to overclock further)

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  • 65 months ago
  • 2 points

Very nice, looks real clean!

  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

very nice build! just wondering which brand of cold cathode bars are you using?

  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! Logisys is the brand of the cold cathodes!

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey, no offense, but your CPU temps suck. A custom loop, and 65C load? :(

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

Haha thanks for your input. The goal is to be quiet and the case is so small people don't understand whats really inside in terms of heat and heat dissipation.

Nice build BTW. I see you got experience.