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Non Budget Gamer

by Aggroculture


Well was using it for world of warcraft, but now its a lil overkill for what i do which is minecraft! Ok built this about a year ago. Loved it, I used to play the crap out of world of warcraft but always did it on a craptastic laptop with graphics set to lowest of the low. I wanted to build something that I wouldn't have to upgrade for a long time. So this came into play. I had a very flexible budget when this first started. My boss wanted to build something too that he thought would be better. We started with a budget of $2000, and it got a lil outta hand when he started going overboard. He had x58 sabertooth board and i7. Mine won in the end and was just a smidge cheaper than his haha.

So when i finally built this, I was amazed at all the graphics in WoW. Never have I seen so many visuals in a game on ULTRA settings. Every game I played was nothing but Ultra. I really hope y'all enjoy this build. Yes its a lil old but still keeps up with all the new games coming out, sometimes wonder if I should buy a new graphics card, but can't force myself to spend another 600+ on one.

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Muneem2 2 points 76 months ago

Beautiful cable management. Nice work

Aggroculture submitter 1 Build 2 points 76 months ago

Thank You

Aggroculture submitter 1 Build 2 points 76 months ago

Thank You

Stigs 2 points 76 months ago

Really nice build. I really like the cable management.

Aggroculture submitter 1 Build 1 point 76 months ago

Thank You

Spirafall 1 Build 2 points 76 months ago

I think this build is pretty sweet. It's too much for gaming, but I'm guessing it's also used for converting those movie files after ripping them off the blurays.

Booth21209 1 point 76 months ago

Hmmmm you say you have the Z77 board when there is a P67 in your build. IMO, it was a smart decision to stay with P67 granted the only benefit of switching to Z77 with your particular CPU would be native USB 3 and on-board video. Come to think of it, even switching to Z68 would be a little wasted. Other than that I will refrain from making any generalizations based on the contents of your build because of a lack of a detailed description. I have no idea what this is used for other than Minecraft.

Aggroculture submitter 1 Build 1 point 76 months ago

Well they didnt have my p67 on here, so i just added it as a custom part.

Oliver 5 Builds 0 points 76 months ago

Nice cable management first off, but I'm guessing this is from the past and it seems like way overpriced GPU even with 3 gigs, and did you need 16 gigs f ram for WOW in the first place? And storage??? What do you need 4 TB for?!?!?!?!

Aggroculture submitter 1 Build 1 point 76 months ago

Its about a year old, but i was extremely proud of it, thought I would share. Back when i first built it, cost around $3500, 16Gbs was overkill, but hey you never know when you want to run a lot, I used to Multibox on WoW, so 16GB helped. I used to have a HUGE collection of bluray's i kept on my computer, each about 7-15GB. So it adds up pretty quick. Thank you for the complement on the cable management, I build computer's for a living and pride myself on hiding cables. Customers love a clean inside when they have a big window to look in to.

Oliver 5 Builds 1 point 76 months ago

That would be a DREAM job for me! I'm still a teen though so I have a little longer to wait, do you work free lance or for a company, if free lance, any tips on how to get started? Thanks!

Aggroculture submitter 1 Build 1 point 76 months ago

I work for a computer repair company, I'm the office manager and the one who gets to build all the custom pc's. If you want to get into this stuff as a teen, go to a local computer repair store and try to get a job just as an intern so you can learn the tricks of the trade. Most likely they will be more than willing to help out a younger person to learn how everything works, and eventually you'll get paid for doing what you love!

alexkhan901 0 points 76 months ago

$440 on a 580... When it costs less for a 680/670 or 7970... plus an i7, loads of ram, 4tb hdd, 16gb ram... for WoW and MC. No offense but you could max out those games at 120fps at 1080p for like $500 or even less. This is really overkill, even though you admitted it, but the GPU was waay overpriced.

Other than the spending, awesome build, nice cable management.

Branhar 1 Build 2 points 76 months ago

The builder said he built it a year ago

Aggroculture submitter 1 Build 1 point 76 months ago

When I first built this there was no 680/670 and so forth, Back when I built it 590 was the top GPU and 580 was the Best Single GPU you could buy, and the 580 wasn't just $440, when I got it originally it was $600, still very competitive with today's top gpu's!

Spire -1 points 76 months ago



Pick one.

Aggroculture submitter 1 Build 1 point 76 months ago

i7, don't game as much anymore