Built this to upgrade from my old Haswell rig and since I was keeping 1080p though AMD would be the best choice for that. A lot of it is new but had some good components in my old PC so moved some of those over. The only problem I had was the realization that the build I wanted red was very blue instead but it works don't care much about looks or cables.

Since I can't put reviews for custom parts elsewhere:

upHere 240mm watercooler 5/5:

This was a surprise as I picked it up for £33 from Amazon warehouse and was pretty sure it was going to explode or something but it works and keeps my CPU extremely cool at the moment but it's still early days if I remember I'll update in a few months

Crucial Ballistix DDR4 1x16GB 3000Mhz 5/5:

It is what it says for a good price and I was able to overclock it to reach the 3200Mhz Ryzen motherboard normally support. Kinda want dual channel but it was a good price at a good time so I'll make do for now.

Part Reviews


Great CPU for value and performance. Easy to overclock as well to at least 4Ghz.


This motheboard isn't great but it gets the job done, apparently it doesn't have a USB 3.0 header which I should've checked but just assumed it would be there. Also the components on the board don't look as well soldered on as I would of though of MSI a lot of the parts are wonky. Some positives though are that it is quite easy to install and the biggest one it works, at the moment at least.


Been wanting a NVMe stick since they hit the market and finally got the best one on the market and it's amazing. It loads the OS so fast and put Dota 2 on it and now it loads many times quicker then on my HDD before.

Video Card

Brilliant card for 1080p gaming rarely see it drop below 60fps at that resolution for a great price and it looks amazing as well in my opinion.


I love this case, I have had to use 3 different cases before and this is by far the best. I have never seen such a modular case in my life, you can even move what side you want the power button to be on. Though this case is a bit more difficult due to it's sheer modular capability, I would not recommend this case if you're a first time builder. The only major problem with the base were the 3.5 inch hard drive slots. It is really poorly made and found it impossible to fit both my drives in the way in the guide.


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cool build! And i like that you went with a M.2 SSD! So many people have a M.2 port but don't use it. M,2 greatly improves airflow too! Check out my build if you would :) What do you use the pc for, gaming?

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Yer I do find that people seem to neglect M.2, I've personally been excited about M.2 NVMe drives for the last few years so thought I would splash the cash on a nice one. I most use it for gaming but my friend often renders his uni projects on it.

Looking at the build I like the case and respect the extra difficultly of doing such a small build. The only thing I would say is personally I wouldn't spend more on the mobo then the processor but also know ITX boards can be hard to find. Overall though seeing an ITX build really makes me want one.

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Cable managment needs improvement lmao

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It is the main problem when I build PC's that I never tidy it up after but also the case did not make life easy when it came to cable management