Have wanted to build my own PC for a few years and as my old machine was showing its age I decided to take the opportunity. I found this web site invaluable in getting started, however when I started ordering, I found a few limitations in the lists of components. Once all the parts were delivered, the build took about 2 hours, followed by about 6 hours to install and update the OS and other software. Once complete the machine works beautifully and is quick. The Windows system rating scored all items at between 7.5 and 7.7 out of 8, so the balance is good too.

In addition to the items listed, I have also added an old 1TB hard drive as additional storage, a Microsoft 800 wireless desktop (keyboard and mouse), two cool looking Corsair red LED 120mm fans, an existing 5.1 speaker system and had to buy an adapter to fit the SSD into a 3.5" bay. Two items I bought were a different spec for those listed on the site, the monitor is a Samsung S24C300HS and the case is a Gigabyte GZ-G2.

The only criticism was that the PSU had to be mounted upside down (see photo) and consequently I couldn't route the cables in the recess behind the motherboard.

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