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Charity:Water Completion Report #8

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philip Sept. 29, 2017

Our eighth Charity:Water completion report arrived! Thanks to your support, we were able to fund 5 community water projects serving 1,235 people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

The specific projects were:

Below is an interactive map courtesy of Charity:water showing the GPS coordinates of all the completed projects sponsored by PCPartPicker:


Project Completed People Served
Ethiopia September 2017 1,235
Ethiopia March 2017 4,418
India March 2016 1,817
Malawi, Africa (2016) March 2016 7,361
Bangladesh December 2015 4,775
Adishimhafti School, Ethiopia, Africa March 2014 198
Timket-keze School, Ethiopia, Africa December 2014 223
Malawi, Africa (2014) Early 2014 373
Total 20,400

PCPartPicker is supported through affiliate commissions from participating retailers. One of our founding principles is to help those in need by donating a portion of our earnings to charity. We do this because it is important to us.

When you purchase components through retailer links on PCPartPicker you're not only supporting this site, you're helping provide clean water and sanitation to people in need. 100% of donations to Charity:water go directly to the field.

Thank you for being a part and helping make this happen!






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Eltech 20 Builds 15 points 18 months ago

Thank you guys for what you are doing to begin with. Also thank you for those who make these water well projects possible to those who need clean water, it's a must have for our daily lives. Thank you PCPP and the organizations who continue to make these wells a reality for the communities who need them. And great work everyone, keep up those clickers or fingers with touchscreens!

ImperiousBattlestar 3 points 18 months ago

Totally with you on that you on that, El. We seriously need to do something about the terrible social injustices that exists in our world.

Uberpug 9 points 18 months ago

Now these folks dont have a reason not to water cool their rig.

seven6six9 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

lol, definitely

Realdeal36 3 points 18 months ago

You guys are doing a great thing by providing easily accessible water, I'm sure that everyone you guys have helped thank you, otherwise they would have to trek hundreds of feet (if not miles...) to get clean water.

hi_im_snowman 3 points 18 months ago

Thank you PCPP for continuing this effort. Kudos, you are all fine and admirable people in my book.

This community rocks. :)

P.-S. I had no idea purchasing on partner links benefited PCPP and helped in part fund these campaigns. I think it should boldly and proudly advertised, Social Entrepreneurship is the way of the future.

KegiMasters 3 points 18 months ago

M I S S I O N_P A S S E D!

Sam_Flynn 1 Build 2 points 18 months ago

This is awesome, you guys rock.

Gooberdad 10 Builds 2 points 18 months ago

Fantastic. Keep up the good work!

Growing up, my friends mom and dad were missionaries to Tanzania. They worked in water purification and wells. Great to see this.

orthancstone 2 points 18 months ago


ilovepcs10 1 Build 2 points 18 months ago

This is wonderful :)

bradsayz 1 Build 2 points 18 months ago

pretty dang awesome of you guys.

Datrat 1 Build 2 points 18 months ago

I never knew you did this. I love this website more and more! Thank you PCPartpicker!!!!!!!!!

jameslford21 2 points 18 months ago

that is really inspiring to see other people helping each other we love it!.

daslolo 4 Builds 2 points 18 months ago

Beautiful. I am praying that their wells stay full of water.

DBKLYN83 1 point 18 months ago

Glad to help support this while also finding a lot of useful information in my builds. A question, I see most of the wells say sponsor: "The Carmichael Family". Are those PCPartpicker sponsored wells, or does it say something different?

philip staff submitter 10 Builds 8 points 18 months ago

That's correct - those are PCPartPicker sponsored water projects. Long story short, the first donation I made to Charity:water was when PCPartPicker was just me with no employees. So they got labelled from the Carmichael Family (as Carmichael is my last name). We just haven't changed it. It's not an ego thing that we have to put our name on the plaque - we're fine without it at all (and my understanding is that they're going to stop doing that anyway). Everyone who works here understands it's a company thing and not just a family thing - they're all in as well.

DBKLYN83 2 points 18 months ago

Thanks for creating/building PcPartPicker and also being an ethical company. I found PCPartPicker this past year and it has been very helpful. Glad it is also helpful to those in need.

shadowshockwave 0 points 18 months ago

Thats awesome! I was just looking at the pictures wondering what the plaque says. Amazing what a piece of modern construction equipment can do just rented out for a day.

Takeva 1 point 18 months ago

WOW~! This is awesome. You guys are awesome for doing this~!

JudahRoars 1 Build 1 point 18 months ago

Great work!

Marcamedies 1 point 18 months ago

Good job! Makes me proud!

Jerome54 1 point 18 months ago

Well done!! As always you are doing a great job at helping families in need. Keep up the great work!
Thank you Philip and thanks to all the PCPP staff! Thanks also to the whole community you created!!

I visit your website every single day! I can't live without it now. Almost as much as those families can't live without water.
Well done Sir!!

KYOKUN240 2 Builds 1 point 18 months ago

Great work guys!

onassar1 1 point 16 months ago

Great work and God bless you!

RAND0M7 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

Nice, I have purchased from sites listed here before, does that still contribute to this? or do I have to go to their sites specifically through links provided here in order to contribute to this?

I don't trust a lot of charities, but this looks good.


timmytoast 1 point 16 months ago

Does it have a gtx 1080Ti??

Fennex 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

I'm so happy to support this website! I've been using it since freshman year, and now I'm a senior. Thank you for all you do :)

patsearch1 1 point 14 months ago

just donated right on the charity: water website. easy decision.

Faasos 0 points 18 months ago

Glad we could help!

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