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User Code of Conduct

The PCPartPicker community is a place where we want everyone to feel welcome. We have a wide range of experiences and ages, and we all have something we can learn from each other. To help us grow technically, personally, and as a community it is important that we treat each other with respect and follow some basic guidelines. As a staff we've put together the list below that we feel describes the core guidelines for participation in the community. Please read through them before commenting or posting. Thanks!
 - Philip

Treat others with kindness and respect. Even when someone is rude or disrespectful it’s not a reason to reply in kind.

Similarly, respect the privacy of others. Don’t post personal information about other users.

Only represent yourself. Don’t impersonate other users or falsely represent them. Don’t claim to be staff or a site moderator if you aren’t.

Absolutely no personal attacks. It’s totally fine to disagree on technical aspects, aesthetics, etc. But don’t let it cross over into insulting someone or conflating PC building with someone’s character. Similarly, if someone disagrees with your opinions or doesn’t like your build, don’t assume that is an attack on your character. Disagreement is allowed. Personal attacks are not.

Don’t troll. For instance, if someone is looking for a $500 build suggestion, don’t reply with a $20,000 part list. Don't purposefully state counterpoints for the sake of stirring up arguments or antagonizing other users. Don't deliberately post hot-button topics or comments with the intention of stirring things up.

No link shorteners. Shorteners hide the final URL destination, making it easier to hide malicious or spammy links. Posts, builds, guides, and any other content containing link shorteners will be removed. (For example: bit.ly, goo.gl, tinyurl, etc.)

No NSFW or sexually inappropriate content. That means excessive gore, pornography, sexually explicit material and innuendo. This applies to all aspects of the site, including forums, avatars, builds, profile descriptions, messaging, etc.

No racism. Period.

Don’t circumvent the profanity filter or use excessive profanity. We get that some people communicate using profanity, and others prefer not to see any at all. That’s why there’s a user-configurable profanity filter. Respect it - if you want to use profanity and want to see it, do so by turning off your filter. Don’t circumvent the filter on purpose - there may be other people who have their filter on on purpose and don’t care to see it.

No advocating piracy. Broad discussion of the issue in general is allowed. But links to pirated material or torrenting sites are definitely not. Recommending or implying piracy as an option is also not allowed.

No key resellers. There are many key resellers available, some made popular by people on youtube. These are not permitted on the site. Similar to piracy - recommending or implying their use as an option is not allowed.

No crowdfunding links without staff approval. For example: gofundme, indiegogo, youcaring, etc.

When posting topics, please pick the most appropriate forum. Only choose one and don’t cross post. If it’s the wrong forum, staff will gladly move the topic to the appropriate forum.

Also when posting forum topics, please refrain from “clickbait” titles.

Staff reserve the right to block, remove, or rewrite affiliate links.

Don’t spam. No really, don’t spam. Even if you think you're being funny, you're not. Besides the traditional definition, spam on this site also includes:

  • Multiple threads on the same topic
  • Repeated posts on threads or builds
  • Asking people to comment on your build or part list in unrelated topics, builds, etc.
  • Lots of nonsensical, zero-effort, or single word/letter replies

No vote collusion. Do not create multiple accounts to apply multiple votes to yourself or others.

And lastly, respect staff decisions and requests. The only moderators on this site are paid staff. We do not have volunteer moderators. We take no pleasure in blocking or banning people. We'd much prefer that everyone get along. We talk to each other often, even sit next to each other, and we’re in agreement on when to take action. When someone is banned from the site, it is almost always because that user was being a negative influence on the community. If you have issues or questions about moderation decisions we make, please reach out via private message or our contact page.

If you are an industry affiliate, you are also bound by our Industry Affiliate Code of Conduct.