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c0ruptiv3's Completed Build: Serenity


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Comments (Continued)

c0ruptiv3 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

Ahh that makes sense. I saw some of the stuff listed at the bottom and must have glossed over the tubing. That sounds perfect.

In regards to the red on the ROG HB SLI Bridge. You can probably take the shroud off of it. And either. Disconnect the red LED and paint over the red plastic with white. Just paint over it with white without disconnecting. Possibly sand off the red if it's done similarly to the Nvidia logo on reference cards or a mix of the above. That way you keep the logo but it shines white. I've done it before with decent luck. If you're not really dead set on that bridge you could always get EVGAS HB Bridge. I think it's silver/black and I'm pretty sure it's RGB this time around.

And they do! I prefer them because the cables seem less rigid than cable mods or some of the other off the shelf cables. Like. In those cables you can see where it was twisted / bent in the shipping bag alot of the time. And that drives me insane.

You can actually get a custom pattern for you cables (each cable can even be different) the lengths are up to you as well. (if you want to keep your system super clean and tidy) and he has multiple cable clip colors you can pick from he preinstalls. (usually between 2-4 per cable depending on the length you pick) it's a single guy out of I think Illinois? His stuff is really high quality and I really appreciate the attention to detail he puts into them.

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c0ruptiv3 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

Ahh I see. Hmm. you could do that and I think that would be fine. You could also just plasti-dip the entire front face in something like Plasti-Dip True Metallic Aluminum or Anthracite Grey. I would think we a few coats it would keep the light from bleeding through entirely. (you can also shut off the LED within Geforce Experience then uninstall Geforce Experience OR download the LED visualizer stand alone.

In regards to the clips, at least on my 8PIN GPU cables I have maybe 3/4 clips up front and 1 in the back and it generally works out well. Only because I can use tie-downs in the back to make up for the lack of clips. I think if you ask nicely he would probably add more, he's usually pretty open to simple requests. And you're welcome!

And Nawh I think that's really all you need, especially if you are using that Evolv with a PSU shroud. Almost all of your other cables will be completely hidden. Now depending on how you do your drives, you may want to get SATA Cables done, but it looks like you're only doing an M.2 SSD and then regular mechanical's so I don't think that will be necessary. If you were to take out the hard drive cages in the future and do 2 or 3 SSD's mounted directly to the wall plate, then I would say they would probably be a good addition.

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