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Dyce101's Completed Build: Cyber Power Built PC


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Comments (Continued)

EAVS1891 2 points 51 months ago

have you ever entered in a contest to win a new car but you already owned a vehicle?

smallie 0 points 51 months ago

You wouldn't sell the new car though, would you? You'd keep it.

EAVS1891 1 point 51 months ago

so what you're saying is everyone who enters a contest for something they already have say like a "tv" than they are selfish? well i guess were all selfish and you're perfect. and you're damn right i would keep the new car and my old car.

smallie -1 points 51 months ago

Holy **** I really don't care anymore. If you're entering a giveaway to just sell a PC and not use it then yes, you are selfish. I'm done now.

Dyce101 submitter 1 Build 0 points 51 months ago

I suppose we all have our own reasons for doing the things we do, you assume I just have the money laying around to enable me to keep a high end computer. Of course there also different ways to debate your issue, either way you didn't make a very good point. If someone wins $2k in the lotto and spends the money on a much "needed" decent PC, whats the difference in just straight up winning the PC? You see how your logic is flawed :\

smallie 0 points 51 months ago

High end computers use barely any electricity now-a-days. I'm not complaining about you winning the PC, but it's the fact that you have never used it and you are just going to sell it.

If someone won 2k on the lotto and bought a new PC, they wouldn't turn it on and then sell it would they?