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New Gaming / HTPC Build

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Natilus13 56 months ago

Hello all,

I am in the process of starting to research parts for building a new PC. This machine will be used mostly for gaming but also as a HTPC. I have not really set a budget for this machine but ideally I would like to come in under $2000, but I am willing to spend a little more if needed. I live in Canada and will be purchasing the parts here.

As far as brands, I would like to stay with Intel as opposed to AMD. I am also a fan of Asus as I have used their products in the past and have always been happy with them. For graphics I tend to prefer nVidia.

Aside from the keyboard and mouse, and maybe a display or two, this will be an entirely new system. I will not be using any components from any of my previous machines.

I may want to play around with overclocking but that is not a high priority at all. What is more important to me is to get quality components that are going to perform well, and for some time.

As this machine is going to be used partially as a HTPC I need it to support a minimum resolution of 1080p (I know 4K is starting to show it's head but I think by the time it becomes more mainstream I would be wanting to build a new machine for that anyway).

This machine is something I plan to build when my wife and I move into our new home in May of this. I will have a room that my wife is allowing me to turn into my "Man Cave" (I know pricing is likely to change somewhat but I need to start figuring out my budget somewhat).

As for software, I am not too concerned about that, other than an OS. I am leaning towards a 64-bit version of Win 7... maybe Win 8 if someone can convince me why I want that over 7.

Here is a build I've been tossing around so far...


I would love to get some feedback from the AnandTech community.

Thanks in advance.

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mousseng 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

Not sure if unedited copy/paste or simple misunderstanding, but this is PC Part Picker, not Anand. :3

Anyhow, I don't know that you'll really see any benefit from the 3770 over, say, a 3570 from an HTPC/gaming standpoint.

If you're going for air cooling over custom liquid and prefab liquid, I'd recommend a cooler like the Tuniq Tower 120 (if you can find it) - it's an incredibly effective and quiet (and sexy!) heatsink/fan. A bit pricy, true; it's a stellar piece of equipment though.

The Gene is a wonderful motherboard, but it's microATX - are you certain you want a full-tower case to house that? There are equally good options that are more... proportionally-sized, if you're interested.

There's not much need for 16GB of RAM - 8GB is plenty for playing games, web browsing, movie-watching, and whatnot all at the same time. Also, consider opting for low-profile memory; depending on the cooler and DIMM arrangement on the motherboard, the heatspreaders could interfere with the CPU fan.

Perhaps another good idea would be to grab a small, fast hard drive (or another SSD) so that you can keep your games and media on separate devices for better multitasking?

Consider getting a 4GB GTX 670 instead of the 680 - they're very close in performance, but the 670 should be a handful cheaper.

Please get a different power supply - of all the parts to splurge on, this one's high on my priority list (although lots of folks tend to disagree with me, I admit). Corsair's HX- and AX-series PSUs are modular, highly efficient, and fairly expensive; they'll offer better reliability, warranty, and cable management, though (and will be cooler and quieter).