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Is an SSD even worth it?

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cannonbolt81 68 months ago

I would be using my SSD as a boot drive to boot windows 7 and maybe 8, and and SSD is much faster than an HDD, but paying $200 more for about 5-10 seconds more load up time, doesn't really make me want to pay $200 more for it. Is there something more to it?

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Smily 3 points 68 months ago

I don't think so. I have a 256GB 840 pro. I don't regret buying it, but it's not as impressive as you might think. But maybe I'll change my opinion when I go back to HDD read/write times.

C_4 2 points 68 months ago

Way faster access times for programs and speeds up everything you do, but you don't have to get a lot of SSD storage just get a 120-128gb and it'll work just fine

cavemanpc 3 Builds 2 points 68 months ago

Yes very much so, it loads my games quicker, my time from pressing the power button to a usable windows screen is 30 seconds, my photo editor takes about 10 seconds were as it used to take about a minute, if you can fit it in your budget go for it :), this is my first SSD btw.

cannonbolt81 submitter 1 point 68 months ago

So then wouldn't you have to put the photo editor on the SSD to make it faster? Or does it make it faster automatically by having the OS on the SSD?

cavemanpc 3 Builds 2 points 68 months ago

you put the programs you want faster on it, so i put the editor on the ssd :)

Norm101 3 Builds 1 point 68 months ago

My system opens Photoshop in 4 seconds. It has saved me so much time it is not even funny.

cavemanpc 3 Builds 1 point 68 months ago

I know right, saved me ages loading RAW files too :), open up like 300 in a second.

mattataki 1 Build 1 point 68 months ago

You can use it as a cache if you have an intel build Smart response technology. And you could just opt for those Seagate SSHD. They are only sold for laptops(smaller=+expensive). Or wait for them to come for desktops in mid-September I heard. Someone correct me please. The SSHD for laptop is still a cheaper solution and less hassle as it will merge files automatically to it to enhance speed. They have less space dedicated to SSD but pack quite a punch.

xclypto 1 Build 2 points 68 months ago

Load times are decreased a lot - about it imo. I do not regret it but I would probably hold off on another SSD until prices came down a bit.

VitaHunter81 1 Build 1 point 68 months ago

Using something like this for your OS would speed up your whole system for less than half of the $200 you mentioned. http://pcpartpicker.com/part/samsung-internal-hard-drive-mz7td120bw

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a_slow_descent 1 point 68 months ago

my average boot time is 3-5 seconds and it makes it so load screens in games take about 1 second. if you played the last of us on ps3, you will know that load times take a while.

thecomputerguy10101 1 point 68 months ago

When the "disk" fails, you cannot write to it but you probably be able to read it for a few cycles, so you don't have to do something like "drivesavers".

Domsy 1 point 68 months ago

Time and time again, I always say an SSD is perhaps the one thing that can give you the biggest performance increase. The hard drive is (typically) the biggest bottleneck in any system, and by getting an SSD you can achieve so much better performance, with the OS in particular.

It's not just boot times that speed up, it's loading times and general performance for anything installed on the SSD. And you don't need a really large capacity drive, either; a 120 GB+ is fine, as you only need to install Windows and a few programs on it. The rest can go on a HDD. (Edit: I put my cache and settings locations (so basically AppData) onto my SSD, too.)

I can't tell you how much of a performance boost my old system got when I installed an SSD into it. It was suddenly like my PC had unlocked its full potential. Everything is so much faster. Before, I used to wait a ridiculous amount of time for my system to boot and load everything; now it's almost instantaneous once Windows loads.

Seriously, get one. Now ;)