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~$110 Extra for 5 FPS?

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Firecrackers 68 months ago

I recently was looking at different CPUs and how many people favor Intel for their great architecture and speed (which they do have the edge in). However, if you are considering buying an Intel over an AMD and you want to save money. Watch this link:

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewrPDqFuT3Y -

This video shows how a 3770k and an FX-8350 match up. Generally, people compare the 8350 with a 3570k, but the 3770k and the 8350 were nearly the same during these tests. This sort of sums up why my final decision will be AMD.

For $110 cheaper, you can get an AMD that runs a couple FPS slower (and in some cases faster) and render just slightly slower.

I'd rather devote this money to an SSD, or a better graphics card.

What are your opinions? Intel makes GREAT processors, but for $110 more and comparable to an 8350, I don't see why one would. But in cases of spending $1000 on an Intel Extreme, they are much better than the FX-9590s (look them up if you don't know about them. They produce lots of heat, too.).


Pros of Intel 3770K: -Better architecture -Runs Cooler -Slightly faster in most cases.

Pros of AMD FX-8350: -Cheaper -8 cores (more demanding games are starting to show their liking to this) -Very overclockable

What are your opinions? I guess it all depends on budget and priorities. Just wanted to shine some light if anybody is having trouble with this.


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Genarus 1 Build 2 points 68 months ago

Haswell are %50 better with there built in gpu thats my thought

Firecrackers submitter 1 Build 1 point 68 months ago

That's actually a very good point. Intel's built in GPU is pretty good when you're not worried about intense gaming. Also the A10s from AMD are pretty good as well, but Intel you get faster + integrated.

But I still am going with an 8350, because I'll be adding a discrete graphics cards. Thanks for the input! Haswells are excellent for that.


Smily 2 points 68 months ago

In my opinion, the 8 cores aspect of the 8350 is a downside. It shows that, as a whole, it is a powerful and capable processor, but each core is, individually, weak. It's only power is that they slapped a bunch of these cores down on a piece of silicon. But it does perform pretty well in games, but I'm going with the 4670K because it has better single threaded performance. In heavily multi-threaded games like Battlefield 3, etc, the game uses a lot of the processors cores, and thus the processor with a bunch of high frequency cores wins. But when you compare one core of the 4670K vs one of the 8350, the 4670K clearly wins. I dunno, I've always had Intel products, I feel safe buying something from Intel. I didn't give AMD a fair chance, but their processor in my cheap laptop overheated a few years ago. I bought a nice gaming laptop with an i7 in it, though, so yeah. My comparison isn't fair. But this is just my opinion.

And to the other guy: don't think that really has anything to do with this. If you're buying a processor for gaming, you're probably not concerned with the integrated graphics performance. And that 50% better is vs the previous generations.

Firecrackers submitter 1 Build 1 point 68 months ago


Here's another video showing it making not much of a difference (8350 vs 3570k)

I don't think anybody will notice too much of a difference, so I'd dedicate more money on the GPU.