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AMD + Intel = ????

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ProVisionzHD 49 months ago

For some reason i woke up today thinking about what if Intel and AMD mixed. I thought how epic it would be to have AMD's 8 cores swapped with intel cores. Who else thinks this would be GODMODE?

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10kVolts -1 points 49 months ago

It would be epic, it would also cost alot too, like in the range of the price for a decent clocked 8-core Intel Xeon processor. Also games currently are still heavily single-threaded so probably wouldn't take advantage of 8 cores.

gogo809 3 Builds -1 points 49 months ago

Your info is a bit dated. Most AAA games today are at least dual core. Once they start threading games out more (and it seems like they are) then there could be an explosion of core capabilities.

10kVolts -1 points 49 months ago

True what I was meant to say is that most games aren't heavily threaded. Even the big titles usually don't really take advantage of more than 4 threads and even then it usually still has one maybe 2 processors running under consistent load. Hence why single-threaded performance is still a big factor in performance.

Itroitnyah 1 Build -1 points 49 months ago

That'd only be if they combined the power of the processors, which would mean they wouldn't necessarily design a CPU, but rather a motherboard that would run with two processors of different types at the same time. If they worked together to make one processor it would probably turn out somewhat as powerful as the i7-4770k with as many cores as the fx-8350 and hyperthreading capabilities. Or if they went for really powerful, it would probably turn out like the sandy bridge extreme processors with more cores and hyperthreading.

dschutt84 3 Builds -1 points 49 months ago

Sandy Bridge-E processors are actually 8 core processors with a total of 16 threads. Intel decided to disable 2 of the cores because AMD couldn't at the time compete with the i5-2500k. As of right now Ivy Bridge-E are only 6 cores so I guess we wont see a 8 core Intel until AMD decides to compete. The FX-9590 isn't going to do it. Lets hope AMD's new CPUS compete with a 4770k instead of the 4670k.

DoHbOyBlAzEd 18 Builds 0 points 49 months ago

If only it was still the Athlon 64 days...