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Good protection for Windows 10 To Go

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AwesomeBuilderXE1901 8 months ago

I have a To-Go installation of Windows 10. Since I may be using this in some slightly shady computers, I'd like to make sure I'm completely protected. I won't pay though, so only free options, which won't bug me, such as that ****** piece of **** Avast(have it on my laptop, okayish protection but it installed it's own browsers and annoys the **** out of me). Anything else should be fine. My idea was

-Panda AntiVirus

-Malwarebytes every night

-Anything else(rootkits, adware, etc?) Please suggest.

Thanks all!

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AwesomeBuilderXE1901 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

I just backed it up using dd on my linux machine.