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140 mm fans for X61 AIO

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Rodsman 26 months ago

Hi all -

I built my first PC in a Phanteks Luxe and love it. It came with some PH-F140SP fans which are fine as intake fans on the front of my case. I'm using a i7 6700K CPU and have it overclocked to around 4.6 Ghz. I'm using a Kraken x61 and for quite some time, there was a rattling noise that I thought was coming from the pump. It was a pain but I let it go until a week or so ago and starting looking at the issue again. I finally realized it was the fans and not the pump. I thought I just received some bad fans with the x61 and so I replaced them with 2 new Phanteks fans. Well, sure enough one of them is rattling again and after some research, I figured out that some fans are great when mounted vertically and not so great when mounted horizontally. I think that is the case here as I've never had an issue with the front mounted fans. So, suggestions for replacement fans that folks have used with a radiator and have them mounted horizontally? I know there are some great fans out there and even if I have to spend a bit more that is fine with me. I just would like some advice from those who have used this size fan in this orientation. My Kraken works great and I actually just switched out the stock TIM for some Thermal Grizzly. This stuff is awesome as I now idle around 25-30 C and at full load do not go over 60 C. Just wanted to throw that out as I wanted some better performance with the overclock. Thanks much.

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SK6Blue 2 Builds 1 point 26 months ago

generally speaking, avoid sleeve bearing fans(they are inherently axis dependent).... the only 140mm fans I've used in a horizontal orientation are not ones I could recommend for a radiator so I can't give you a specific fan from personal experience.

I can say, the corsair sp140 fans seem have the same issue(and should likely be avoided for this application)